BUCK or BRINK status for ALS game?

Winnipeg has waited for such an important home game in years, it would be a shame if GOLZ had to start, anyone hear anything about if BRINK or Buck is going to be good to go?

.....Buck is on the brink....Brink is trying to buck the trend and get healthy...Goltz is green but looked gold in the last few minutes of the last game...Summers may get a look this fall....Summation....we probably won't know till an hour before game time....What i'm kind of wondering about is who do the Als. start ...A.C....or A.M....????? :wink:

AC as of Saturday is experiencing no concussion symptoms at all. He is studying film with Mcpershon and could start.

However 1 more hard HIT and Calvillo's career likely over if he suffers back to back Ko's or concussions. He is 38 years old, has dealt with all the cancer adversity.
This is a situation in which the TEAM needs a win badly, but now with Brink and Buck hurting do they SIT AC knowing that Mcpherson vs BRINK or GOLZ would be an advantage ALOUETTES?

The ALS will want to win this important game, it will be interesting to see if they think LONG TERM or understand that with a WIN here they should WIN the divison as it doesent look too good for Winnipeg with a loss, they are on a downward spiral and are not sure to win games in Hamilton Edmonton and Calgary-

For some reason i think the Bombers season went down the tubes this weekend. Good teams, division winners win games in Toronto period.

If AC plays, then the ALS are going for the division for sure- They will probably win the division if they win the game this friday- If not 2 games back with 5 games remaining is very hard to win the division--

The beauty for Montreal is that both are able and will dress. So Lapolice and Burke will have no clue who starts till game time, that is for sure.... :slight_smile: The way Adrian played in Edmonton. I am not sure which is the worst poison...

Montreal is all about winning the division. The team will bleed money very badly if they don't host the final at the Big O. Everyone in the org knows or will know it...

....oh we're far from 'down the tubes' as you put it....Hurtin ...yes but we'll respond....Speaking of health I know the Als. have a few on the mend themselves...besides AC ...I agree, if Anthony takes another hit like he did last game, it may not be worth his health to start....Our big boys up front are in good shape and i'm sure they'll be prowling the Mont. backfield on a mission....I think Trestman is going to go with McPherson rather than risk the health of Calvillo...just a hunch :wink: ..We on the other hand have had no reports so far, on the extent of our starters health...whoever that might be???I know we have a new running back in town and also Chris Garrett....who i thought was pretty good in the time he was last here....Other than that we're good to go....I think IF the Als. drop this one it might be a tough grind to finish the season on top....BUT we'll see....For some reason the Bombers come-up big against tough opposition...I hope the refs. come-up big as well....and call a decent game :wink:Looking forward to it

so...what do you do if come Friday you have a bruised and battered Buck and Brink with a bit of an unsteady non throwing shoulder but both are "well enough" to play. Do you dress both with Goltz as the #3 and hope that a) buck doesn't take a big hit, or that b) when he does, that Brink can come in and hope he doesn't take a hit to reinjure that shoulder. Or do you dress one of the 2, give the other a week off, dress Goltz as #2 and promote Summers from the PR to #3? To me it's pretty high risk to dress both Brink and Buck and risk further injury to both but rather give one of them more time to heal. It's a big game but there is still a fair amount of the season left and not worth exposing both to further long term injury.

I would probably dress Buck and rest Brink. Still gotta play to win the game but I agree with you, it's not worth risking both of them.

You can't play or coach scared like that though. If the next hit could be the career ender is any game worth it? That hit could come against anyone and this time of year every game is important. The coaching staff would be saving Calvillo for which game exactly? Also it is worth noting that because Calvillo has not had any concussion symptoms since that hit doctors are now doubting if in fact he did get a concussion from the play at all.

As for the bombers QB from what I can tell (and please correct me if I am misinformed) between Pierce and Brink Pierce is in better health and was taken out of the game mostly for cautionary reasons. I suspect, if it is at all possible, that the bombers will have Buck starting the game with Golz and Bishop as backups just in case and let Brink try to heal his shoulder. An injured Buck Pierce has shown he can be effective and still gives the best chance to win. That said the signing of Bishop raises some suspicion that Pierce might be more injured than I think

When I watched the game I definitely THOUGHT Pierce's injury was less severe than Brink's and that Pierce could probably play. But from reports this week it sounds like Pierce won't play and Brink will probably start against Montreal. Pierce hasn't practiced yet, Brink has, and Brink said he thinks he'll be good to go if Pierce can't. Brink has looked good when given his opportunities this year so I don't think they'll risk Pierce if they don't have to; I'd expect Brink-Goltz-Bishop to be the QB depth chart this week.

....If the Als. start Calvillo that's their call...It matters not to us....In fact i'd prefer to see AC rather than McPherson...We have been successful against Mont. with Anthony as the starter...If Calvillo isn't hurt or suffering any repercussions and no concussions that's good news.....As far as Buck starting ...he has looked good in practise this week...Brink has been on the field as well so we're all guessing on who will get the nod....Bishop will be a last minute call if our no 1 and no 2. can't go... .. Too bad key players on both clubs aren't a 100 percent but looking forward to it in any event :thup:(nice to see you back mada)

Winnipeg Free Press is reporting Buck won't even dress for the game on Friday:


The Bombers released their game day roster thismorning and Pierce has been dropped from the quarterback depth chart.

Instead, the Bombers will dress Alex Brink as their starter, followed by backup Justin Goltz and, for the first time this season, Brandon Summers.

Good, take a rest, get healed up, we need him for the playoffs. I'm looking forward to seeing what Brink can do over a whole game.

interesting that Bishop isn't even third string. funny for everyone who felt bad for us having to bring in Bishop, lol.

…Good move with Buck…rest him and get those nics healed-up…Actually i think Brink will give us a fair shot at winning…He’s getting better every time out…He just has to watch that shoulder…They say it;s only sprained and as long as he doesn’t run into another one of our o linemen ,we should be alright…It;s " show us what you really got" time for Alex :thup:

I think this is a smart move, Brink has shown well in his time this year... seems to have poise and ability to move the pocket and run, also has a pretty good completition percentage.

I think, while this game is important, its not overly important.. i mean, if we had lost 2 weeks back to montreal.. U bet, this game would be huge but we won.. we play them once more after tomorrow.. we win tomorrow, and we could, we take the series... with 1 game left against the als.

I think not starting buck this game is smart.. give him a full 2 weeks off to heal his rib injury.. i dont think his injury is something that could threaten his season, i think its just a combination of getting hit.. lets keep in mind, he played with injured ribs against montreal last game, we had a short week and then played toronto, aggravated the injury, this is also a short week as we just played last saturday... i get the feeling if we played last friday and instead of playing this friday we played this sunday that buck would start.. I JUST think with 2 short weeks in a row and the ribs not being 100 percent healed, and us having a 1-0 lead in the season series with 2 more to go against montreal.. starting Brink, who is fine, he is 100 percent.. is the smart move.

People on here can speculate all they want but fact is if Brink was banged up as much as some would like us to believe, he also wouldnt be playing. I think a dislocated non throwing shoulder isnt that bad.. u pop it back in,a few days later u are fine.. i've never dislocated my shoulder but a friend of mine when playing hockey did.. he injured it on a friday.. coach popped it back in, he took the rest of the game off, next night he was playing and scored a couple goals. Disclocated shoulders are simple, as a matter of fact, if you try you can dislocate your own shoulder and pop in back in yourself.

Brink will be fine, Let buck heal. :slight_smile: Go Blue.

Heres the thing, what if we come out and with Brink and Garrett playing beat the big bad als with the legendary AC playing.. if i was the rest of the league i'd be worried if we beat the als with our backup,actually 3rd string qb and our backup actually 3rd string running back.

IMO, no pressure on the bombers to win this game, it would be huge if they did for sure only because that would be the season series against the als but if we dont, well we play them again. All the pressure is on the als, lets not forget calvillo got his bell rung last week and is 1 odell willis hit or sack away from being taken out again.. maybe for longer.

he has even officially signed yet and when he does "next week"according to lapo it will be to the Practise Roster.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/bombers-acquire-bishop-and-boreham]http://www.cfl.ca/article/bombers-acqui ... nd-boreham[/url]

thats the article about bishop signing.

will buck start this weekend? need to make my sports select ticket, and this is important info.

....Buck says he's good to go....Now whether Lapo agrees with him or not is another question :wink: ...My take....he's the starter Fri.

I say Buck will get the nod in Hamilton too, so with that said; I'm still not sold that the Ti-Cats can win this game regardless. :cowboy: