Buck news?

Whats the winnipeg local news about Buck? Is he OK? Seemed dazed in post game interview.

It's to early to tell. My hope is that we sit him out. He needs to heal.

....'IFFY'....is the word we're getting....I think we better get Brink ready... It's about time Buck was given a breather so he can withstand the punishment a porus o line affords him... :thdn: Lapo seems in denial of the fact his troops in front of Buck have any problems....at least according to the coaches show :thdn: ...You better get it fixed coach or bring in a qb. made of steel .(no not Lemon ...he leaves with a chipped tooth..I thought he might be insurance at one time but have since changed my opinion)...Montreal is looking like a huge hill to climb at the moment :roll:

......update says Buck has bruised ribs.....He should be able to go on Sunday :thup:

The Bombers should rest Buck and have him ready for the Argos and the return match at home vs Montreal ! Two winable games! The upcoming game in Montreal is going to be a tough game to win! With Lobo gone,Buck banged up,run game in shambles,punter who cant punt and DB,S who are having trouble understanding that letting recievers get behind them isn,t a good idea and with Montreal getting healthy and in to a groove, it's going to be ugly! If we can end up 9 - 4 after the sep 30th game,that would put us in great shape. Better than 7 - 6 with Buck hurt!

I wish they won't play him. If they do then it's on Lapolices head.

I'm not a negative sort or a Buck basher, but I have to admit that I'm surprised as much as he's taken shots this year, including some pretty hard hits, that there hasn't been any news of him having any sort of concussion, even if it was a mild one. He's take quite a few hits and on more than one occasion he's looked a bit unsteady. Sometimes I wonder if they leave him in just trying to prove he's resilient. At any rate the guys been a warrior on the field.

......You can never discount the grit Buck has shown in the past...Sometimes i think he takes it one step too far....but that's the gladiator in Buck....IF he's too sore to go on Sun., i say we sit him and give Brink the reins....If Pierce feels confident enough to hit the field with those ribs.(flack jacket mandatory) then i say we give him a couple of sets to test it out...Lapo will keep a close eye on him and if he wants Brink to take-over...so be it....I'm not all that worried about the play of Alex...He can hit his targets and looks confident enough....We'll see :roll:

I'll agree papa. . . sometimes it seems to me that Buck is his own worst enemy. Sort of like Dunigan was. . . but not (as of yet) with the success that Dunigan had in his career.

As for Brink, I was singularly unimpressed with him last season; this season, in what little we've seen of him, he seems better.

....I certainly have more confidence in Brink this year than i did last....He has a solid look about him and he'll be ready if he gets the call...It's going to be a competitive camp when Elliot gets back on the scene...A good problem to have :thup:

...Buck is looking pretty good at practice today according to sources....He is lightly running...(is that like skipping and prancing...i kid ...i kid)...He's throwing the ball well and i'd say he 'most likely' will be ready for Sun. against the Als....

ALSO..Poblah is out...Hargreaves looks ready to go....Hefney and Vega still on the sidelines...There will likely be a number of player changes for Sun. :roll:

First off, I'm no Paul Friesen fan, lol, but I found this quote of particular interest in regards to Lapo/Buck,

A rival coach put it this way: “I don’t know if he gets how valuable he is to their team.?
[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2011/09/13/bomberspierce-no-superman]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2011/09/13/b ... o-superman[/url]

It got me thinking about Lapo and his other stints as OC with the Bombers and Riders. Now I may be way off base here but, Lapo was the OC for the Bombers who basically ended Khari's career and I'm fairly certain Durant was similarily pounded and missed time when Lapo OC'd in Sask. Coincidence, or a disturbing pattern?

Food for thought, that's all.

Has to be coincidence. However, I really have to question his willingness to leave Buck in the game after he had been pounded much too often and there was no more chances of winning. Pretty hard to complete a pass when you see double receivers all over the field.

...not to mention the fact, it's hard to get a lot of zipp on the ball, when you're favouring your ribs...Let's also look at the fact that putting in Brink, before Buck threw a couple of those 'ill-advised' passes, would not have been that bad of a call ,at that juncture.... :roll: :roll: Coaches decision...he has to live with it

Bob Irvings commentary of the day makes the most sense ! The Blue need to look at the big picture, not taping your QB together to play a non critical game !

I read on TSN that Hargreaves split time with Etienne at practice.

I don't care how raw Etienne is, I think he can catch two six yard passes a game if they want him to and actually has the ability to go deep. I would be thrilled if the two of them split time during the game rather than just throwing Hargreaves in all game.