....I love the guy...like his heart and his talent but Buck is too brittle to hold down the no 1 qb. spot :frowning: ...Too many injuries have cost him and the team....I'm going to say it first....Jyles has to be labelled the starter from here on in...Let him grow into the position and gain the experience that this club needs...Maybe with some late season additions this team can get a lot better and position itself for next year...We still are remotely in it but fading fast...We need a solid finish... :roll:

I agree papa, i said we should rest Buck until next week and start Jyles this week in the LDC, Buck didn't look comfortable at all and should have been replaced at the half, he was slow to get up a few times and was very hesitant to run, he was not the Buck Pierce we have seen in the past. But LaPo made the decision and it's over with, nothing we can do now. Looks like it's going to be Jyles down the stretch anyway's as Bucks injury looke pretty bad to me, even though i am not a doctor but a dislocation on the throwing arm cannot be good. I would also add that Buck took one heck of a hit and his head bounced off the turf pretty hard, he was slow to get up and that scares me (i never thought i would say this) but looked like he was out cold for a few seconds (concussion), now that's my point of view but i think Buck looked pretty beat up all game and that one hit scared me more than his arm injury because he didn't look right after that. I like Buck and his strong willed attitude and i know he means well but i think his stubborness may have cost him, sorry to say that but???

Very surprised LaPolice didn't go to Jyles by the middle of the fourth quarter when it was clear that Buck wasn't comfortable in the pocket -- happy feet, not checking down properly, rolling out to one side and taking away half his receiving options.

Jyles should have started, Buck was not even close to 100 % and it was obvious from the start of the game ! Buck still having trouble stepping in to throws !Hope Jyles is ready for the Banjo bowl !

Jyles will be ready and I believe he’ll come close to bringing you guys a win if he doesn’t end up doing it.He’s a very talented QB, you guys should seriously stop wasting your time with uncle Buck.He’s a never been.Never been healthy that is :lol:

I think it's time to stick with Jyles for the rest of the season, whether Buck is healthy or not. From what i've seen so far Jyles is the better quarterback and you can't be starting Buck if he's bound to get injured every game.

On top of everything, Pierce still insists on running headfirst into traffic trying to pick up a few extra yards. With no disrespect intended to Winnipeg fans, I'll quote Spinal Tap: "It's a fine line between clever and stupid." I don't know what's in Buck's head, but this macho unwillingness to step out of bounds is just ensuring that he spends even more time on the IR. Apparently he has no learning curve when it comes to protecting himself outside the pocket, none.

At this point, I think Jyles should be the starter.

Not much choice now.

Buck gives glass a bad name !

I was so hoping for Winnipeg to pull off an upset against Saskatchewan. Perhaps next time. I think most Lions fans were sad to see Pierce go but it was getting to the point that whenever he went down fans were not sure whether he was going to be getting up. A standing ovation for his tenacity and determination. Many times he'd place himself in harms way while trying to make the necessary yardage to keep the drive alive. Too often he and the rest of team would pay the price when he couldn't return to the game.

A combination of style and a body that has been hit just too many times tells me it is time for Buck to hang up the old cleats and call it a day. He could be a valuable asset calling plays in from the bench. When he was getting creamed as a QB in B.C. I felt it was more the Lions front O Line that wasn't giving him the necessary protection. I figured if he got the required protection he would okay and remain injury free. When I saw him traded to Winnipeg I was really happy for the guy- especially when he was getting the needed protection. And then he got injured. And now he's injured again. This is not totally unexpected.
On some occasions Buck has 'invited' injury trouble by taking serious risks. It's open season on the QB as soon as he steps out of the pocket. You can't fault the guy for tenacity and determination but then we're talking about a QB with a lot of talent who is also injury prone. The Lions made a calculated decision based on the other QB talent they have and where Buck is at in his career at this time. I think they made the only decision they could. Having to sit out injured, never knowing if he'll be able to complete a game is not good for Buck Pierce or the team as a whole.

I wish Buck Pierce well but to be quite frank, I don't see things changing a whole lot for the fellow. I don't know a whole lot about Jyles but by the sounds of it he would be the one to go with for the remainder of the season.