Buck is safe...isn't he?

it just dawned on me that Buck is a free agent. Its not possible that winnipeg would let him go is it?
what do Peggers think on this?
Will they resign all 3 QB free agents…that alone is kinda odd that all are FAs.

It is strange, I agree Flag.

I do stand to be corrected, but I don't believe it's ever happened before, that all three of a team's QBs were F/A simultaneously.

Sounds like they want to sign Buck but, he has made it very clear that he wants guaranteed money and not an incentive contract like he had, should be interesting to see if anyone else throws an offer his way. Will also be interesting to see what kind of interest Brink gets. Elliot might be the easiest of the bunch to sign.

I think you're pretty bang on, or close to it. Elliott, after his season ending injury and limited playing time is probably not likely to garner a bigger contract elsewhere. If he goes it would be for opportunity. It's kind of interesting that Brink getting hurt as the #3 guy last year opened the door for him to get some action and leap frog him in the QB roster at training camp, but now his injury has allowed Brink to do the same this year. I think all things considered both are probably entering next season as co-#2 and will have to battle it out. Brink may get more attention on the FA market than Elliott though, the Riders for one may be looking for a better option at the #2 QB behind Durant than what Dinwiddie showed. Calgary is another team that might be looking for a more solid back up as they are probably going to let burris go and will need someone behind Tate.

As for Buck, he may want bigger bucks and he's earned a bit of a payraise. Like his spirit, like his commitment to the club and the community. He did play more games but he didn't play all 18 and his offensive stats weren't spectacular, regardless of whose fault the offensive issues were. His options as a starting QB are pretty limited. Toronto just re-upped Jyles. If they go with someone else it will have to be a bigger name. I doubt either Jyles or Buck want to go through what they went through 2 years ago. Hamilton maybe if they decide that rather than picking between Porter and Glenn to go in another direction. Every other team is set with their starting QB so unless he takes a backup role, which would mean less money anyway, I think it's a good bet he resigns here.