Buck is injured, who do you think will play QB now?

Will jarious be better? if so will they put him in? What about casey? Will they keep lulay in?

I think Lulay will remain 3rd on the list. When Jarious is healthy he will take the number one spot if Buck Pierce remains injured. If Lulay continues to play like he did today, Printers may not see any game time during this season. I'm sure Wally would go with game experience and Jarious has got lots more than Travis. Buck Pierce does too.

Regardless, it seems that Wally has got 3 very effective QBs that he could rotate if he had too. What a nice position to be in. Printers will fill only if all 3 others are down in my opinion.

I'd be tempted to see how far Lulay can go. He was pretty good for his first time out of the box.

i agree ! Lulay looked so poised, he can only get better.