Buck is BACK

Returning after being nicked finally…I think it is time to nail the hammer…put one in the win column again…I hope Pierce can have a game like he had at the beginning of the year ,so we can end this ,what seems to be, ’ never ending seasons play 'against these guys on a successful note…I hope the schedule is drawn up different next year, cuz this one is lacking imagination for starters… :thdn: It’s time for the d to ‘turf the smurf’ and get back on track…Let’s get er done guys :thup: :rockin:

I heard that as well and and no disrespect to Jyles, Bucks the man!!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Dunigan was right. PLP brought Buck back 1 week too soon.

Buck is made of glass. It was a big risk signing him and clearly it didn't pay off. Looks like it's Jyles for the rest of the season.

Get serious man, here comes the Buck is made of glass crap again, if you watched the Hamilton game when he got injured or the highlights you would see that it was a "freak injury" and it could have happened to ANY QB in that situation. If it were a concussion or a re-occurring shoulder injury than maybe you can say he is a "glass QB".

The clear fact is Buck is still on the limp, he stated he was ready to return and the coaching staff took his word for it, clearly it is too early for Buck to return as he was still limping from the get-go. Give him credit for wanting to be in there and help this team compete, that's Bucks nature and i think it may have cost him.

I don't think Buck will be 100% for at least one more game and Jyles has proven that he can compete, Jyles get's the start next game and if he has a good game and more important wins one for us, we just may have TWO STARTING QBS and that's fine with me having two quality QB'S who can start, compete and give us a chance to win, something we have not had for many years a solid 1-2 QB punch.

Don't get me wrong, whether it's Buck or Jyles next week and beyond it doesn't matter because you go with the hot hand and the player who is playing the best no matter the situation and both have proven they can play and if Buck is healthy next week i think LaPo has a TOUGH decision to make, who starts? It could be worse, Edmonton and B.C are now rotating QBS every quarter it seems, something is seriously wrong in BC and EDM, we are not the only ones and i'll take Jyles and Buck over Printers/Lulay/Jackson and Ray/Maas/Zabransky ANY day.


Our offence isn’t the problem if you were paying attention :roll: Wpg is 4th in points scored , ahead of Ham, Tor, Edm and BC. Can you please state your source that Buck is done for the year ?

Knee injuries are probably the most common injury in football. Craver tore his up this year and had no history of problems before. It happens, it isn't a sign of anything except that it's bound to happen sooner or later to everyone.

I would give Buck until the Banjo Bowl, not ready for the Mtl game and what's the point of bringing him back on Labour Day ?

Don't forget the bye week is after the Montreal game.

i think if he sat last week he would be playing this week so i fully expect buck to be ready in time for labour day.

jyles get montreal this week, we get the bye next week, buck is back the week after for the LDC.

I agree with you Killer, but if Jyles plays great and more importantly wins against Montreal (just saying), should he not get the start on Labour Day even if Buck is ready? that is just my opinion, ride the hot hand all the time, why change what's working? I'm just saying, of course that is "IF" Jyles plays great and/or gets a win and from what i've seen from jyles so far is he has been playing great and in my opinion should have more than the one win he does have.

Jyles has been great the past few games and if it were not for certain things out of his control we could have won ANY of the games he has started/played in.

Let's hope that LaPo Lit the fire hot enough under this team to make them correct the dumb mistakes that can be corrected, no more easy dropped passes, horrible coverage schemes, missed tackles and Dumb penalties beacuse the FACT is these mistakes all bundled into one have cost us wins!!

If Jyles is playing well or even SO SO , he should get the start in SK ! He knows the players on defence and would be extra fired up to play his old team on Labour day ! Giving Buck the extra time will only help his knee, which seems a bit worse then Buck is letting on ? If Jyles plays well, pulling him for the Labour day game would crush him and if you needed him to go back in to the game, he will be mentally out of it and all his previous confidence gone ! If this Labour day goes like they have in recent history and the way things are shaping up this year, maybe we don't need to be starting our #1 QB , just of IR ?

The way i look at the QB situation is: Jyles is starting tonight against the Als, let's worry about tonight first than go into the bye week (which gives Buck more time to heal) and then worry about Labor Day when the time comes because honestly Buck should be ready to go by then and if so LaPo will have to make a decision and as fans we can only hope he makes the best decision for the sake of the team and the decision that gives us the best chance to win. To be quite blunt i believe we have the best 1-2 QB punch in the league and as long as we win than i really don't care who starts at QB, that is the coaches job to worry about that, i just want more consistancy from the team and more importantly get back in the win column.

i agree. lets just worry about this week. fact is, and this goes for the majority of sports, u dont lose your job due to injury.. besides, buck played pretty well last week.. put up a td and a bogus int.. i say bogus cuz it was my understanding that a simultaneous catch goes to the receiver like all the time. except i guess when that receiver is wearing blue and gold colors it seems.

just gonna say this, dont wanna start going on about reffing in a thread that has nothing to do with it but why does it seem, that most crappy iffy, chincey calls have gone against us this year?

mavers fg, the roughing the passer junk where the defensive end is pushed into the qb, i dunno. it kinda makes those close loss's we have had a little tougher to swallow. and i only say that because u could argue that if the refs dont call a couple of those iffy penalties, if they make the right call, if the video review ppl make the right call, that 2-5 could be 4-3 or even 5-2.

regardless tho.. go bombers.

It's not your imagination Killer, the reffing has been horrible all season and not only in our games but ALL games, but it does seem to me like the Zebra's have it in for Blue and Gold this season. I know people are going to say i am making excuses, no i am not, seriously I can honestly say that Hamilton had a win stolen from them against the Stamps a few games back and i can go on and on and probably say the reffing has cost more than one team a game or two.

The simutanious catch call was B.S. and i thought the same as you the ball goes to the receiver, of course i am not sure what the rulebook states anymore and i don't think it matters because it seems the rulebook has been thrown in the trash all season, then there is TSN'S rulebook that stated the ball goes to the defender, please i am sick of that network already, we all know the panel has it in for The Bomber's!!

The roughing the passer call is what it is the rulebook does state even though a defender is pushed into the QB he still cannot hit the QB high or low (which to me is a BS rule and should be looked at closely and changed).

Whining about the reffing accomplishes nothing, it's not going to change anything ! Judgement calls are tough and every team will get their fair share of missed calls ! Instant replay has helped in a big way !
Buck isn't even dressing tonight, I still think they should keep him out untill the Banjo bowl !