Buck hit

sheesh…that hit Buck took had concussion spelled all over it, regardless of who took it. I was shocked he got up , nevermind played. I didn’t notice many medical personel aroround checking him out. It seemed they just took his word for it that he was OK, regardless of that glassy look.

Often symptoms appear afterwards. Any word if he’s practicing fully this week?

...I don't think you have to worry flag....He looked really good in practise and had Lapo salivating at some of his nice crisp tosses....Not a good sign for the argos though :lol: ..As far as taking the hit...why don't people believe it when everyone was told Pierce is 'ripped' and in the best shape of his life....(see hit by johnson :wink: )

Being "ripped" does not provide your brain with extra protection from a concussion.

…yes …but it provides a little diversion from the sickening …repeated questions about Bucks health…The guy is in great shape took a horrendous shot and came out of it okay…So far so good…If Lemon takes a shot like that you’d most likely be looking for iron-man Jyles to start…So don’t be too concerned about the Buckster … :wink:

I'm glad Buck is OK. But the hit is a recent memory for him and I guarantee getting hit like that again will be in the back of his mind for the entire game on Friday. Buck has already looked very average thus far. I don't think that hit will do anything positive to help his game.

..... The cats game was the first real test for Pierce since early 2010.....He's just warming-up...wait :wink:

Well, sure, if you just look at the stats sheet.. He had multiple perfectly placed bombs that receivers dropped. He could've easily been 16/26 for 250+ yards with some help from receivers. He threw the ball well all game and didn't look any worse after the hit during the game itself, so I wouldn't consider it much of a concern a week later.

so…from the winnipeg guys here…are the reports are positive for Pierce there for this game? Not interested how ripped he is…but is he full on in practice? yes or no will suffice.

Flag, you might want to read what you post before you hit submit. Took a few minutes to figure out what the heck you were saying. :wink:

If you are asking has Buck been fully participating in practices, yes. He will be playing on Friday and there was never any question regarding that. He was NOT injured in any way, shape or form on that or any play during the Hamilton game.

....AND flag... he's RIPPED :stuck_out_tongue:

judging from the shambolic nature of my post one may think I was ripped as well. or was hanging with paulo guy.

But ya I just wanted a local statement if there were any post game shudders that prevented him from practicing. thanks

The Bombers are usually pretty good with their injury reports to the media and there was nothing about Buck.

Edwards will play but it sounds like he won't be 100%, Carr looks like he's out for the Argo game.

i have rairly seen someone come in that untouched, and blindside a qb like that. that hit was monster. might not see another sack like that for a long time.

too bad about carr. im looking forwerd to seeing what he can do this season. i fear he's another bomber with NFL written all over him.

That's true, I remember 1970 when MLB Wayne Harris (I think) of Calgary came around and levelled Lancaster (didn't return) in the Playoffs in Regina. Add to mention; snow and bad weather played a factor in that playoff series.

Those types of hits happen more than once every season. Maybe not as hard but they happen.