Buck and the weather?

I think the pick-up of Buck was a good move and I hope he maintains his health.
In watching him play over the past 3 seasons he was noticibly better indoors than out. His arm strength was a bit soft against the wind and elements. Lions generally never threw deep with him outdoors. Anyone else notice this?
Game planning from Lapolice will help this but Buck will be tested. Much more than 1/2 his games were indoors.
I haven’t seen Jyles enough but his career in Canada has always been outside, mind you he’s hardly played.

I don't think the weather will be a problem for Buck. Yes the Lions played at least half their games indoors but they still played almost half or half of their games outdoors (depending on Rogers Centre roof whether it would be half and half, of course).

you dont have a 21-12 record as a starter without being able to throw the ball, even if most of his wins were indoors (i dont know the stats) he still has the arm, and the talent, he will adjust, get used to it, and make it work.

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.......Sometimes watching Buck pull himself up off of the turf..i got the impression the weather was the least of his worrries.. i remember him putting up a win in some nasty conditions over the years....no worries there.....Bucks problem is not going to be the weather....but whether or not he can learn to hook-slide and our o lineman can give him enough protection to keep him upright.... If that falls into place....watch-out for this club :wink:

I don't understand why everyone thinks it is such a money drain to have guys on the injury reserve list. Heck, I think we will soon find out that all it takes is a Buck and a quarter. :lol:

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I’m a football fan…a CFL fan and I hope for the bombers.

enjoy the season.

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