Bubba, wake up

Zero coverage on CHCH tonight. 2 days from a home game and CHCH covered every sport imaginable including extensive coverage of the rival league.

When CH does doreports on the Ticats, they usually just replay interviews thathave already been posted hours before on Ticats.ca anyway.

I wouldn’t blame Bubba. CHCH News and Sports departments were stripped to bear bones a couple of years ago and has not been that good since.

As an outsider, I use to watch your nightly News and specifically the great Ken Welch with his awesome Ticats and overall CFL coverage.
When the owners stripped the station and let go basically the majority inclusive in news, weather and sports to a joke of a current version, it lost me forever as a viewer.

Who watches CH?


Mohawk College TV is a better produced station than what exists there.

I remember Dick Beddoes.

CH isn’t worth watching for sports as I’ve learned so inconsistent when I want to watch TiCats news and info.

Don’t have a clue about this channel or network when it comes to CFL coverage. Not a clue therefore I no longer watch it for sports but more for who got shot in downtown Hamilton or what opiod crisis there is in Hamilton and the local crash on a highway around Hamilton, Niagara, Milton etc. Which is ok but in terms of consistent sports coverage for a “local” type coverage, not a clue. What they should do with their only pro team is have a TiCats “3 minute segment” daily or every other day but I doubt that is in their mission as they are owned by some Toronto outfit from what I know. So sad this station is run from Toronto. Sad. I feel bad for those Hamiltonians that were born and raised in this city that have to put up with this. I’m not from here and didn’t spend most of my life as a youngster and adolescent and young adult here and don’t have such connection to the city but do feel bad for those that have this that don’t want to be felt as just some sort of tangential arm of Toronto.

CHCH was a go-to station to watch, but as a long time Hamiltonian, I am sad to say that it is virtually useless…Local Kitchener TV is better…they need a shake up to make the city proud of it and the first option on the remote especially in terms of news

It is difficult for us outside of Hamilton to get any Tiger Cat news, or indeed, CFL news at all. There is rarely anything in the print media, nothing to speak of on TV, other than TSN clips, and we live outside the TSN 1150 broadcast range. Other than this forum, we have to go for various ‘articles’ on the TSN, CFL, 3down Nation websites for updates.

At the same time, everyone, even the hick town radio stations, carry NFL news. Frustrating for us CFL types.

I live outside the TSN1150 broadcast range (aside from the rare time I'm in the car) but I do listen regularly to TSN1150 on my phone using the IHeart radio app (it's free). Of course if you don't have a smart phone, this wouldn't be an option. You can listen online though, going through the TSN/CFL website (look for the heading "Radio" near the top of the page). That's not always the most convenient but it is an option.


Ken Welch was indeed an enthusiastic CFL reporter. I would occasionally bump into him down at field level interviewing the players after the games at Ivor Wynne stadium. Very pleasant guy.

The one knock I would have have against Ken is that he wasn't much of a soccer enthusiast so his FIFA coverage was always subpar. As a fellow Hrvat you would get quickly frustrated with his soccer coverage being almost an afterthought.

Old enough to remember CHs midweek TiCat show. Original hostess name escapes me. Early 80s

I think it was Kathy Renwald.

Honestly my favourite broadcast and radio segments are the 5th quarter with Rick Zamperin on 900chml after every football game. I want 900chml to get more into ticat talks.

Nobody drove me crazier than listening to Mark Hebscher and Donna Skelly while I’m being held hostage in the doctor’s waiting room. Nothing wrong with her but he really is every bit the little weanie that he looks like and then some… trust me. Tatti on the other hand who was never on CH is a complete gentleman and a school bus.

CHCH is right up there with the Spec for local hometown coverage of the Cats . I actually have to say that I was quite disappointed that Big Bubba didn’t have any on air interviews about the big game. I was waiting to hear from our big three . I was sure that Bubba would let us know what Wooten , Lyn and Elliott had to say about the rematch with Ottawa but alas Bubba didn’t say a word about any of them . I’m guessing that Bubba was to busy covering more important sports like badminton and lawn bowling to read the Spec so he could catch up on all the latest news on the Cats . ::slight_smile:

Since we are reminscing, my favoirite was 7:53 am sports with Doug faraway on CKOC (now TSN 1150).
They would have the Sunday Sports special for an hour.

Awesome stuff.

Agreed, strictly meat and potatoes.
Hey as you know, we are #2 in the World.
Did I mention how we got ripped off in the WC final, horrible officiating.

  1. Can go back further than that, remember Gary Summers doing the sports on CKOC 1150, back

in the good old days !! 8) Unfortunately those days have passed us all by !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: