Btter things to do

Well after the locking of the post today.I thought I would call it quits.
You know I have been here bashing rider ever since day one.I give it and I take it.
After today I said this is crap.I get bashed and called names.Which I don't mind.Then I talk back.The all of a sudden the post is locked.What a joke.
I have better things to do than type on a site for speaking your mind.This site use to be fun>don't get me wrong I still love thregulars on this site.Yes that includes you Billy.However this is not a fare playing field.So congrats on getting me off the site.
Did you riders win the battle?NO.
Just remember what comes around,goes around.Riders will LOSE this weekend.I will be laughing.
Good bye regulars.Enjoy the daycare forum!!!

See ya, hope you come on when the Riders win the Grey Cup. We know deep down you want the Riders to win so no hard feelings.


COME BACK SASKARGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RIDERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saskargo. It is not the first time a thread gets locked in here. When arguments go on and on and get on the personnal level, they eventually get locked because people become emotional and don't want to leave the last word to the other. So it becomes an unhealthy pollution. Don't get it personnal.

But still, if you come in here to talk football, that probably won't happen. I know you like to poke fun at others Saskargo, but you should just stick to doing it with people who take it in good fun. If you see someone is becoming angry over your attacks, walk away. There are a lot of other people to have fun with on this site.

.......the word before 'things to do'......was that Better or Bitter?.........

She never did have great spelling skills. Maybe that's why none of her posts made any sense to readers.

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't let her hear you!

No offense saskargo but pretty much all your posts are about bashing Sask men and how the Riders are gonna get destroyed. Don't think I've ever read any other post from you that are even related to football. You say the same things over and over again. It get a little repetitive. I hate TO probably more than you do the Riders but you don't see me going on and on about it.

Everyone involved should have a group love huddle!

where does Saskargo live again? Toronto? Calgary? Vancouver? Saskatoon?

Close Kanga, but from what I remember, I think she's up in Edmonton.

Damn, can't meet her in 2010, I'm not going to Edmonton, but I'd like post cards of Commonweath Stadium and the Hockey Stadium there.

I may find those in Calgary.

Ive been lurking for a while (am a Rider fan) but have not posted yet, but I would like to know why Saskatchewan is so hated on this forum. I dont get it.

Rider fans are not hated but they are well known for their redicilous remarks such as guarenteed grey cup victory after winning their first pre-season game. Go back a few pages and you will dee them

quit locking posts, you are not the crtc, why would you want to discourage free thinking and expression of opinion, there is nothing wrong with a heated debate between two passionate people......what is the purpose of a forum if your going to lock people out, shame on you mods.

Well, to me is wishing (grey cup victory). I say that every year at the start of the season. "This year we are winning the cup". Whats wrong with that? I dont think its necessary to put another team down all the time.

Pigseye, the reason that thread was locked is that comments were becoming personal and insulting. I had deleted several posts from that thread (as well as a couple other threads where similar participants were getting into an equally intelligent p*ssing match). If people could grow up and keep their comments in check, perhaps the mods wouldn't have to lock threads.

I agree with you, there are those who go too far.
However there is a difference between between having good hopes and posting that with the sole purpose of annoying everyone on the board.

Another thing riders fans are famous for is excuses. After every lose they find some one to blame except their team. They have said that the refs against them and want them to lose, they have accused other team of faking injuries. My personal favorite is last year the claimed the timekeeper was paid off to make sure they lost.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hold this against any of them, it is only a few of them like that. Most of the fans are great football fans but as in life, they all get stereotyped because of a few.

I'm not gonna say that I won't miss you, Saskargo, cause I will, But I honestly think the level of crap on this site will go down when you leave.

Get a new name, come back, type in sentances with proper spelling, and don't make ridiculous claims against the Riders.....all the time...... talk football. and you will be a happier person.

Same can be said for eskimo fans (I live in Edmonton, but am a Rider fan) I was at the Western semi-final in Edmonton last year and as soon as the game was over every one around me was chanting go lions go. They couldnt even let the rider fans enjoy the win. I was at another Eskimo/Rider game earlier that year and when Edmonton did something good the guy in front of me would turn around, put his hands right in my face and clapped. I found that so rude and childish. Im sure there are bad fans in all teams. I dont see the point in putting down another team to show the support for your team. Now there are individual players on other teams I dont like. But certain players and certain fans dont make the whole team.