BTF weighs in on NFL Toronto

  1. Still not convinced the NFL will ever come to Canada. Los Angeles, anyone? London? Mexico City?

  2. Buffalo's talking about one frigging game here (maybe 2-3 down the road). Big whoop!

  3. Who says the Argos can't exist if an NFL team does come. Are the 30K Argo fans all of a sudden going to stop going to games?

  4. Are the Maple Leafs, Raptors, and Blue Jays also in fear of folding?

  5. Weren't the Blue Jays supposed to kill the Argos? (And do they actually consider all of Canada their market still, without laughing?)

  6. Why would Buffalo's moving to Toronto affect the Tiger-Cats? Buffalo is just down the highway (the other way) already and the Cats are doing fine, thank-you.

  7. Where is this Toronto team supposed to play? Rogers Centre? Heck, who's going to be able to afford those tickets?

  8. Anybody remember all those empty seats at SkyDome when the NFL played exhibition in T.O. before?

  9. Toronto is not the sports market they like to make themselves out to be. Sure, there's a lot of them, but half are born outside of Canada and have absolutely no interest in football - CFL OR NFL.

  10. If all else fails, move the Argos to Buffalo.

LOL...Nice post!

Its the T.O. Headoffice money that would be the issue. Most of them are their unfortunatley.What we need in this country is a CANADIAN SPORTS NETWORK

NFL Trawna, Dream On. My favourite team will be any NFL team that beats Trawna. I will not go to a NFL game in Trawna and I will not buy any NFL Trawna stuff.