Bryant'blitz'Turner watching BB game at hospital

a great picture of him watching the big game vs Ottawa

and another thing regarding Turner not playing that game.... you can clearly see he is at the hospital while the game was being played.

The media and the BB misplayed this situation.

The issue was if Turner should have played the game. And he should have based on the information that was relayed to the fans and media. It was known that Turner was on his way back during the game (which obviously was not the case) and it was known that there was zero complications (which was also not the case)

The BB and media should have known(in this case the BB did know) that there were complications and that Turner was not at the game for this reason.

It was clear why he missed the game. It should have been told clearly by the BB so then the media and fans don't waste days talking about a rumor that isn't true.

And even worse is yes the report that he was flying back to Winnipeg during the game and why couldn't he find a plane hours early. Which obviously came from the media. That is terrible that somebody reported that.