Okay, so this plays into my fear a bit.
Bryant was released today, and BT should have a connection with him as he brought him into the CFL. The Riders have traded for Simon so can they realistically draw Bryant in? Bryant is more likely to look at the Bombers or Esks, because in Sask he is up against Dressler, Getz, Carr, Simon and others for playing time.

I thought the Simon move was premature, and fear it will will hamper their ability to sign FAs. Bryant is 33 and still has a few good years in him at the right price.

Not sure at all where to go with this one...... We need to balance a little our focus,,, Linebacking and rush end could well be a big problem soon if Odell and Shomari, or Brackenridge dont sign , ,, I think I will say take a pass on Bryant....

For the record when I first heard that Simon would be made available I also wasnt sure where to go on that,, but now that we have signed Geroy, I like the experience and associated leadership he will bring, (is he a proven leader in the locker room? I dont know). Geroy could teach and make Carr, Foster, Taj, even Weston better players in theory.

To bring in another over 30 player at this time,, I just dont know... We need to keep some balance, though overall we are a fairly young team.. Do I sound on the fence? yep, I am

If we can get him at around the 110 mark, I say bring him in. There is no guarentee Bagg will stay healthy (actually I doubt he will last the full season unfortunately. Simon, Dressler, Bryant, Getzlaf, Carr, and have Bagg and Taj Smith rotate in and out. Not to mention mixing Jock Sanders in there and George Cortez at offensive coordinator and this offense in unstoppable. Durant is at his best when there is lots of pre-snap motion, and quick throws as he doesnt have the arm to be a pocket passer.

I feel pretty much the same.

I would have rather had Bryant than Simon, which is part of the reason I was a little upset when Simon was signed. Don't get me wrong, Simon is a great pickup, but I felt that there was a strong chance Bryant would be acquirable w/o trade...and he is.

Do I think they should go after him now...I am not sure with Simon in the picture.

well Romby is considered a wide-out, so the crowd at slot shouldnt be much of a factor,, he was let go by Huf though apparently because of $$$$$ , if you can believe what you read.... the other issue is can we afford him ? ...and again I restate our needs at rush end and at LB ...

I dont get why people keep saying there is a "need" at linebacker. Even if they dont re-sign Brackenridge, Kromah is healthy and he looked the most promising of all the young linebackers last season. Although I do admit rush end was even a concern last season as Willis underperformed imo.

Kromah and Brack play very different LB positions. Brack is the cover LB, which is often the tougher position because he is covering teams slot backs quite often. Kromah is more of the run stopper, and that is why he will often record more tackles! But don't get me wrong, Kromah is good, but I do not think you can plug him into Brack's spot and expect the sme results. Brack was also hit and miss with his position, when he was on, he was awesome, but when he was off, teams seemed to pick on him almost, and would throw to the receiver he was covering.

Roughtime is bang on. You can;t replace Brack with Kromah!

That is why Brack is very important piece to our puzzle. He’s proven he can play. He has to run and cover slotbacks and RB’s and does it well. He also has to fill gaps on run defense and does this well. He’s needed and I have no idea who is around on our roster that would replace him? Maybe Craig Butler, maybe Macho Harris? But you’re talking about a 190 pound dude that can cover very fast animals and be man enough to stick his head into the mess and take on O’lineman! A pretty special being.

Kromah…last year they said he might get a look at MLB. Our experimewnt last season with Shomari did not work. Will we keep Lobendohn? Not sure? I think at the end of the year he was broken down becuase he just wasn;t the same.

Shomari. Would be nice if he could hold his job. But he might go elsewhere. And even if he stays I am not sure he can play the strong LB spot? On runs he doesn;t fill the gap very quickly like a true tackling LB does? I think the jury is out on this. However, if he can hold his job it is a huge bonus since he’s a non-import? If Shomari goes can young Hurl step in? Maybe? Or we have to go import and this was a spot that Kromah played nicely last year.

I wish Brack would be resigned right away…before FA. But we’re 15 days away and the bullets and rumours will start in 13 days.

It is not looking good to have TBrack signed before free agency. However the Riders did just sign 3 guys, 2 of which who look suited for that SAM/cover LB spot.

That wasnt my point, although after re-reading my post I can see that I did leave that impression. Kromah could play will, Loebendaun Mack, and put Hurl as Sam. Diamond Ferri can play the hybrid linebacker as he did for most of last season as well.

Kromah should stick to the position he played all of last year. If Brack leaves I would say Newman would be first in line to take his spot if we don't sign a player to play that position. Newman was his backup all of last year so I don't see why anyone else should be moved to take his spot outside of some of our D-Backs. I would think Macho Harris, who played Safety in the NFL and is about 11 lbs heavier then Brack would be a nice replacement if he isn't resigned!
However it is still a long ways till the season starts let alone even training camp! If Taman is a smart GM (still questionable) he will find a way to resign Brack, or find a suitable replacement!

Secondly Diamond Ferri was brutal last year.. I think he should be cut IMO. He was outplayed by every other linebacker on our team! Bad signing, don't like his play, don't like his attitude.

Also if Lobendahn leaves we always have McCullough, he is always a nice filler player. He doesn't do anything special but he gets the job done!

Kromah back at Will solidfies that spot. All priorities should be on Brakenridge. He was arguably the best SAM LB in the CFL and if they had selected the all star LBs by Will MLB and SAM instead of just as LB and putting every MLB in the league on the All star Brak would have been first team all star SAM LB

McCullough is not the MLB you want for a grey cup contender defense. Lobendahn was excellent and changed and turned tha t defense around as Shamari williams was just not a natural MLB but I did notice that Lobendahn was not an everydown MLB like a Bighill or Sherrit but often was taken out in place of a Dime back situation where you would see in 2nd and long Ferris and Hurl come in.
James Yurichuk the NI back up to first Solomon E and then Bighill could be a sleeper as a starting MLB in the mold of Bighill or Sherritt but is a Canadian. Just somehting I caught. Will be interesting to see how that all plays out. As for a rush end everyone is in need of that from the CFL to the NFL. The NFL has raided just about every great rush end over the past few years from the CFL and have played roles as starters to key rotation guys at the top or bottom of the rotation.
Shamari Williams is the head scratcher for me unable to be affective in his first few years as a rush DE moved to MLB than Will( where he found his most success ) Know with a variety of experiences could he possibily be moved back to DE and be that guy they are looking for?
Placing Butler in at Safety will be a huge improvement in a key position