Bryant Turner

Back in Winnipeg after a short stay in a Montreal hospital, where they found nothing wrong. Per the Winnipeg sun. Thank goodness. Hopefully the Beast will be ready for the Ticats.

Glad he's okay. That sounded scary.

We've had a great line as long as I can remember (it's been a Bomber trait), but I don't know when we've had so many good young guys battling for spots. I mean we all love JT, but Zac is too good to leave off the field for too long, and then there is Dexter Davis :rockin:

Zac Anderson played unreal, nice to see guys stepping up when they get the opportunity, same goes for Dunn, sam can be a real killer and he has done a real nice job, better than anyone expected, cept for maybe the coaches.

...Relieved to hear Turner is A-Okay (I say wiping my brow)...We cannot afford to lose this guy...Zac 'attack' a find if he can keep it going...looks like a monster..... Also we have unearthed some fine talent on D, waiting in the wings..Now if can we get the offence to perform as well...We could be dangerous.. :thup: :rockin:

Getting that much pressure with only a four man rush is often a result of horrible OL play more than anything else, so I'll be very interested to see how the Bombers front stack up against other teams in the coming weeks. Hopefully, they're able to apply similar pressure to Burris next week but he's much more mobile, so fewer sacks would result in any event. The Als are in for a miserable year if they can't protect Calvillo any better moving forward, but that's their problem, not ours.

According to the FP, the Bombers issued a statement saying Bryant Turner suffered sprained chest ligaments and is questionable for Saturday's game.