....Bryan Randall qb. prospect

....sounds like he's ready to sign on with the BigBlue...Taman has been chasing this guy forever and it looks like he's finally ready to sign a contract......seems to think he could really flourish in the CFL....WELLLLL..i hope we do sign him and he gets a shot to prove himself. We certainly need a couple more qbs. in the fold..I hope he pans out...sounds positive :slight_smile:

Anybody see him in action in college? Can he throw well? All the prospects we sign seem to have 1 thing in common: noodle arms. Hopefully this guy is for real

....i've seen a few video clips of the guy....looks like he's got a fairly strong arm.....how accurate???? i guess we'll have to judge that, if and when he shows up at t.c.I just hope we haven't been chasing another Tee Martin????? :wink: :roll:

Banks had strong arm but he didn't have anything else. The Bombers must have the worst record in the league for finding qb prospects for the last 30 years. Aside from Dieter Brock I don't think we've ever had a starting qb that was any good that we didn't get off some other CFL teams roster.

....has offially signed on with the Bombers today....Now we'll see what Taman was making all the fuss about...IF he's for real and lives up to his credentials, it looks like we may have a good one.....we'll see at t.c. ... which is not too far off... :roll:

Wash your mouth out with soap!!!!!

Summary of scouting report on Randall.

Good poise in the pocket.Can move around the pocket and buy time with his feet.Throws with good velocity. Very good leader. A winner. Does not have a big arm. Struggles to hit the deep out. Inconsistent accuracy.( % completion of 35.2 in 2001, of 63.7 in 2002, of 61.2 in 2003 and 34.9 in 2004. Total or average 51.2) 48 Tds and 31 Ints. Ran 409 times for 1526 yards and 11 Tds.

Kevin Glenn does not have to worry but let's hope that he proves to be a good Q.B.


....DID I SAY THAT NAME....lol...you're right MadJack...i should have to bite my tongue as well, after uttering Te.....well you know //It's going to be interesting to see what kind of game Randall brings....more of a running style i believe...we'll see???? :roll:

Wasn't he your saviour to the "promised land" several years ago? :wink:

In fairness to the kid sport, the deck was stacked against him from the start. With Daley and only Stegall he never had a chance.

...LOL....by just alluding to that fact and inferring that qbs. name was ever associated with the BigBlue, should get you a mouth soaping as well, Sport :lol: :lol: ......

McCoy is no slouch either. It should be a great battle between these two guys for the 3rd spot, assuming Dinwiddie continues to grow and has number 2 locked up.

right on pigseye....this is shaping-up to be quite a t.c. battle... :rockin:

You forgot a suspect offensive line Piggy… If my memory is correct, wasn’t the offensive line a weak point prior to 2006 season?

SLAM Sports

Bombers get their man

After five years of waiting,
Taman signs prized pivot

Wed. May 21 2008

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Randall has remained on the Bomber neg list since 2004.

"Some teams I could have traded his rights to
in a New York second," he [Taman] said.

"But I wasn't going to go there."

In other words,

Bryan Randall is the most significant QB
recruited out of the U.S. colleges

since Taman first became a Bomber bird dog.

I rest my case.

Scott Taylor interviewed Taman in the National Post yesterday and assuming Taylor didn't make the quote up Taman sounded like a real jerk. He said he thought it was funny fans were so interested in the 2 new Qbs since they aren't even going to play in a real game. He said one of them will be cut at the end of camp and the other will be 3rd string. No wonder we never have been able to develop a QB here.

From those fans who have been attending training camp, McCoy is really struggling. Looks like Randell has a good shot at #3.

....you could be right about Randall...he could make no 2 IF he adjusts his game quickly....McCoy has a long way to go....don't like his chances.. :o

they will probably keep mccoy around on the practice roster, Ryan is what, a whole year younger then kevin? once randall beats dinnwiddie out of his job, Mccoy will have a shot at number 3