Bryan Hall

So... who can't wait to listen to his whiny voice doing play-by-play on the radio again this year?

And remember, there's no deal like a Crosstown deal.

Personally, can't stand the guy. I think he is an arrogant, rude, opinionated jack ass. The only reason I will listen to him is if I am forced to listen to the game on the radio, and even then he is sooooooo annoying!

He can be entertaining in small doses (as arrogant, rude, opinionated jackasses can be), but listening to him do play-by-play makes me want to stick shards of glass in my eyes.

If you had to listing to the two clowns in Calgary like I have to , you would not be complaining!!!



Now you've piqued my interest. I'll have to visit Calgary just to listen to a Stampeders game!

It's 770 or 660. one of the two stations, I can't remember witch one.

How can you not love Hallsy, he is a great part of the Eskimo tradition and most people are opinionated self centered jack asses anyways.

Hey Eskjebus,

I hate to admit it, but I kinda like him...Tells it like it is! I heard him numerous times as a guest on our local radio.

We have his clone here....Neil McCrae.(Sportscaster...Not play by play) .. I like him too! He tells it like it is!

bryan hall is my favourite playmaker.. liek sportsmen said. he tells it liek it is and i usualy agree with most of it vause hes been with the eskimos franshise like almost right from the get go

LOL. Fair enough. One of the big problems I have with Hall is that no one else can be right about anything when he is around. He has to dominate and control every conversation and if you don't agree with him, you are dismissed. And yeah, he may be a part of the tradition and has done the play by play since before Clarke Stadium was built but his skills as a brodcaster have diminished to the point where now he not only contreversial, he is also unprofessional. Anyway, it matters not what I think of him, the guy will have the job until he dies probably so lets hope he at least remembers the players numbers this season.


For sure he's a zero! But he sure help's LIQUIOR sales :evil:

He is the best behind the play by play man in sports. I usually listen to background crowd noise to determine if the play was good or bad. 5 seconds later, he describes it - sort of. He is constantly ..... buffering. But I kind of like him. He critisizes the Esks when they deserve it, unlike those rabid whining homers they have in Calgary.