Bryan Chiu

En voyant l'annonce de l'intronisation de Ben Cahooooooooooooooon! au Temple de la renommée du football canadien, je n'ai pu m'empêcher d'avoir une pensée pour Bryan Chiu.

Si Cahoon était éligible cette saison, ça veut dire que Chiu l'était l'an dernier.

Il est difficile d'expliquer que Chiu ait dû passer son tour autrement que par le fait qu'il était un joueur de ligne offensive.

Chiu a joué pendant 12 saisons. Il a été choisi 7 fois sur l'équipe d'étoiles de la LCF, 9 fois parmi les étoiles de l'Est. Il a été nommé meilleur joueur de ligne offensive une fois.

Chiu était à sa position un joueur tout aussi exceptionnel que Cahooooooooooooon! mais le fait qu'il jouait sur la ligne offensive fait qu'il passe sous les radars lorsque vient le temps de choisir des candidats pour le Temple de la renommée du football canadien.

C'est, il me semble, une sorte "d'injustice" qui devrait être corrigée sans tarder.

Good point. Chiu should definitely be a HoF inductee in the near future...

I don`t know how the voting protocol works, but Okeke retired in 2006 and was only chosen in 2013.

But Chiu is definitely a worthy candidate and it is hopefully a question of time.

Chiu will get there. He's not a first ballot kind of guy. Cahoon is.

True. And it's also true that Okeke took awhile to make it there. O-linemen generally aren't first-ballot guys because the lack of stats makes it hard for people to assess their body of work.

C'est justement ce qui me désole. Pour moi, Chiu était un choix de première éligibilité mais le fait qu'on ne compile pas de statistiques pour les joueurs de ligne offensive les relègue automatiquement à plus de patience avant de récolter des honneurs qui leurs sont dus autant qu'à bon nombre de joueurs offensifs ou défensifs.

Toronto Sun reporter saying Pat Perles will not be joining the Argos as o-line coach because of personal reasons, and that Chiu, who was in charge of the Argos o-line at last weekend`s mini-camp, is a possible replacement.

To be accurate almost nobody is a first ballot HOF'er in the CFL in recent history according to the HOF committee

Ben Cahoon was....Yes I know you said "Almost"

Chiu officially hired by the Argos today as per TSN. This is going to look really stupid for us if Sweet turns out to be the wingnut he's been in his past few jobs.

Not a reflection on Chiu the player, but it is still early to be sold on Chiu the coach. He was 4 yrs. at Concordia, yet he lost out as Head Coach to Donovan a McGill assistant and was later fired. And he wasnt the Argos 1st choice. When Perles couldnt come for personal reasons, there might not have been many options for Milanovich at this late stage.

Plus Milanovich worked with Bryan for three years, so there is a pre-exisiting relationship, and BC has some understanding of Milanovich's Trestman styled system. Also, it will help BC, as a rookie pro coach, that the veteran Argos OL know Scott's system; tougher to ask a rookie pro coach to take over implementing a new offence.

ALL that said, I had hoped to see Chu in Montreal


The Stingers were on a steady decline with Chiu on the staff and -- more importantly -- the past two seasons Concordia's O-line was the worst I've seen in CIS ball.

Was that entirely Chiu or a combination of him and the Stingers staff and their recruiting abilities.

In college ball a lot depends on recruiting, but the fact remains Chiu couldn't bring in quality guys nor develop the players he had.

And Concordia had an utterly disastrous 2013 season, which cost almost the entire coaching staff their jobs (something you don't see very often in the CIS).

Its a very difficult situation for Concordia and McGill to compete with the Franco programs. They rely on recruiting in Ontario and that has become increasingly difficult with the new bursaries available in Ontario and programs like Western, Mac and others doing a great job.

Carleton just got back into the spot last year and are using the privately funded model as well; so an option close to home for Quebec players.

Quebec players first choice one would imagine is not Concordia or McGill. Powerhouse Rouge et Or, UdeM are on the top of the list.
And for Ontario born players, would top ranked players be willing to come to Concordia or McGill over Western, Mac or others? Highly unlikely.

Thus not convinced the failures of the Stingers last season solely lies on Chiu.

Max Caron is from Ontario so was Corey Greenwood, there were many who came to play in the Q, not as much now.

Parlant de recyclage de vielles chaussettes, alors que Chiu a pris sa retraite après la saison 2009, il n'est toujours pas admis au Temple de la Renommé du football canadien.

Je me demande ce que ça va prendre à un joueur de ligne offensive pour y être admis si Chiu n'y a pas encore mérité sa place. Aurait-il fallu qu'il se retire comme membre des Roughriders pour améliorer ses chances? Je n'enlève surtout rien à Ben Cahoon, mais si ce dernier a déjà gagné l'antre de la gloire du football canadien, Chiu ne le mérite pas moins.

Ça commence à sentir mauvais.