Bryan Chiu

With Himebauch now officially (not just on Twitter!) appointed Argos offensive co-ordinator, I definitely think Chiu should be considered as a replacement as offensive line coach.

As center he was the QB of the Als offensive line, certainly knows the Trestman offense, and can certainly relate to the Als current offensive line.

His 1 year CIS experience is obviously not a lot, but it ceratainly would have helped in his transition from being a player.

The only negative I can see is now having to be the boss of a group who were formally his buddies. But I believe he would have the respect of the group.

I don't think Chiu is ready, frankly, and yes, it would be strange to have him coaching players who were his teammates just a few years ago.

Vince Martino would be my top choice, followed by Doug Berry.

While Bryan Chiu may not be ready, to me it has nothing to do with his age. When Marcus Brady became receiver coach,he was only 29 and younger than Cahoon and Watkins,yet he did a very good "job".

I doubt that it will be Bryan and I say that it will be a newcomer; as I wrote on few occasions, Doug Berry and Vince Martino would be good choices. Amongst these 3-Chiu,Berry and Martino- I say that Bryan would be the one chosen by Marc Trestman.


Anybody know where Martino is these days ? I really liked him when he was with the Als. . .

I also liked Martino and the emotion he showed in interacting with his players.

However, at age 65 and after hip surgery I am assuming he is enjoying his retirement.

Two decent years in Concordia as OC considering their budget compared to Laval.

I'll revise my opinion somewhat. Chiu could be ready, but I would prefer a known quantity with experience like Berry or Martino, given that this coming season will already feature change -- Milanovich gone, Calvillo possibly splitting time with McPherson, and probably a ton of changes on the defensive side of the ball as we attempt to rebuild our D-line and secondary. Having said that, as Richard pointed out in Brady's case, age and experience aren't always the best indicators of ability.

Youre right, its 2 years, not 1 as I had stated.

I was going to say Concordia hasn't really done much these last 2 years having gone regularly to their games but I changed my mind. In 2010 they just missed the playoffs after losing in double OT in sherbrooke to finish 4-5 and this year they couldn't beat Laval or Carabins but they barely lost at home to sherbrooke and they blew apart McGill and St-F-X and made the playoffs for the first time in 3 years.

For that I'd say he did a decent job. I wonder if his number should be retired by the alouettes for all the years he's played.