Bryan Chiu and Scot Flory

Big Bryan and Scot Flory have their own site. I was over at go als go and they had a link on the side, Both look pretty cool but Bryan’s seems to be more fan interactive, you can ask Bryan,Damon,or Etianne a question, and Bryan participates in the forum’s.
Here’s the links

You can ask Scott a few question he will answer them, i know he did mine.
And thanks for pointing out the top Als discussion forum.

I just fired off a question to Damon,
Pretty cool that these guys make them selfs available to the fans.

i also asked a question to bryan and I hope to get a answer
etienne boulay is on the site as well and damon duval
from what I read in the forums and answers
they are participating.
so have a look
I also checked out bryan'a photo's
there even is a pic of his grey cup ring
good job

Oooops i just realized I spelled Scott's name wrong,had to make this post before the spelling police let me know about it, and to apologize
to Scott...Sorry Big guy

your lucky there
would not want to be in trouble from the spelling police

Yawn... How much do you guys/whor*s get paid for getting people to visit those sites?

Whor's?...hmmm more like pimping, funny tho there is always some John/Stewie that needs to be told he's special... so here's a big one for you

   YOUR SPECIAL..yes you are...yes you are..