Brutal special teams play

I'm getting sick of seeing other teams peel off 40 yard KR's against us while we struggle to get 10 yards on our our KR's.

This has been happening for weeks now.

Easley, where is our blocking?

Special teams were much better at the beginning of the season too. We used to have decent returns and good coverage. We've regressed there as well as on offense.

and its not the returner, because we have used: Bruce, Caulley, Currie, James, McDaniel, Smith and probably a few others. Its simple we cant block. I didnt think it was that complicated of a job but the ticats sure make it look hard.

And when we do get a decent return it's because Sadeghian holds or gets called for an illegal block. It's been brutal.

Caulley didn’t do so well on returns. Why can’t we see Cobb run some back…it was his specialty in college.
Everyone seems to know that except Marcel.

We don't have a return game, then again we don't have special teams coach either.

Special teams have been brutal for the past few years but then again so has everything else about this "team".