Brutal League

Okay, i shouldn't say brutal league, but for goodness sake the officating in this league is terrible, always has been and unfortuenly with the type of people they attract seem like it always will be. However, now to top it off we have clowns in Toronto that can't make the calls on the play reviews. Nobody can tell me that the throw to Lewis in the third quarter of the game Friday was a catch! The rules are clear and everybody who watches it with any objectivity knows that thier is no way that can be called a catch and yet even in slow motion these so called experts in Toronto blow it,.....this is just another in a long list of screw up! Its unbeleivable and embarrasing for the league,

then dont watch it. go watch nfl europe... oh wait, there gone. go watch afl then... oh yeah there gone. have fun in the No Fun League

Well you can always watch that standard of leagues for officiating, the mighty NHL. The NHL is a total joke with the officiating and how games are called, a pat on the shin with a stick is a penalty one game and in the same game someone can nearly elbow and headshot someone and no penalty. The NHL is a joke big time compared with the CFL in how games are reffed.

The ground can't cause a fumble and he was down by contact. It is a interesting situation, but it can't be a turnover as he was down. The only other option is a catch.

If the officiating in the NHL is a joke, what does that make the officiating in the NBA?

nba has officiating?

I think they call them BOOKIES in the NBA !

Just think, things could get a whole lot worse in the NBA if the league follows through with its threat to lockout the officials. :lol:

think they call them BOOKIES in the NBA !

thats awesome. i love it when a player takes 6 steps, but makes a good dunk, then they dont call the travel. if he misses, its a travel.

So, hypocrisy runs throughout here. Any teams get bad calls against them when playing the Leos, and it’s brutal reffing. Happens to the Lions, and you tell people to go watch something else.

You people are pathetic.

Little touchy about the loss, hwgill?

You want pathetic? How about Buck's passing tonight!? Now that's pathetic!

Armour took a stupid and selfish roughing the passer penalty late in the 4th to keep a cgy drive alive. I see why Huf. released him.

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by hwgill on Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:16 am

So, hypocrisy runs throughout here. Any teams get bad calls against them when playing the Leos, and it's brutal reffing. Happens to the Lions, and you tell people to go watch something else.

You people are pathetic.

i am sorry i came across that way. i knwo its tough to see your team get screwed on a call that changes the game. and i agree you should be angry. i was mearly commenting on the entire league being called brutal and basicly a joke. to say the officiating needs work is fine. and it does. i was just poorly attempting to say if you hate the league(wich means everything, not just officiating) then you should watch something else, another league you like. that is all.

Actually, I'm not angry at least not regarding the loss. The Lions had plenty of opportunities to score if they had wanted to, especially the fumble by Wilson at the beginning of the game. They could have won it, but the O couldn't protect Pierce, and the D was letting Reynolds run roughshod over them. btw, Pierce played a decent game good completion percentage, good yardage, etc. Tonight, he wasn't the problem

No, what pisses me off is the attitude here, when ANY team plays the Lions and gets screwed, you guys are ALL up in arms about it, each and every one of you, no exceptions. But when the Leos get screwed on some bad calls, you guys are suddenly on the "get over it" bandwagon. That bias here, from everyone, including the so-called mods, is what makes me angry.

Chief, your comment was at best, baiting me. Watching NFL and US college games when a CFL game is on? Yet you're a mod on You should resign that position right now, because you are in effect, a traitor to the Canadian game. I watch every game, whether or not I like the particular teams playing, because I am a fan of the CFL. You do not deserve to be a mod on this site, or any other site that deals solely with the CFL...and this opinion, which I am sure is shared by others, has nothing to do with the game tonight, though I'm sure you or one of your Rider buddies will try to make it seem that way.

I think at that time it no longer mattered, though the refs should have called roughing when Pierce was hit when he was out of bounds in the 2nd.

I certainly didn't watch the whole game as I was at work, but the catch by Lewis was an awful miss by the officials. I also thought they blew the whistle prematurely on a possibly Romby Bryant fumble later in the game as well. The one major thing that sticks out to me, and I am sure everyone will agree with is, had the ball hit the ground and not been caught by a BC player first, it would have been ruled incomplete. The only reason they ruled it as a completed pass is because it was intercepted.

I'd like for it not to be the case, but these calls do usually even themselves out over the course of the season. In a perfect world the officials don't make these giant gaffes but they do, and we saw a few go the Lions way, and now we're seeing at least one go against them. I think that's likely why there hasn't been a huge stink about it as there normally would be.

Doesn't make the call anymore acceptable, but it does make us as fans probably overlook it a bit.

First off, why don't you try getting a clue. If you had bothered to read the game topic, you would've realized that a few posters had agreed that it should've been an interception by B.C., myself included. What people were responding to, as canadianhothead explained, is the original poster's comment about the CFL being bogus because of one blown call. This guy is just another one of the dozens of posters who sign up just to complain about a call and then never post again.

Second, what the hell does this have to do with anything? I couldn't care less if you think I'm a turncoat because I choose to watch a NFL or NCAA game over a CFL game. That's my choice. You can go ahead and look down your nose at me all you like. Doesn't bother me. I mean, that whole paragraph is so ridiculous, I don't know whether I should laugh or feel sorry for you... Clearly you have some issue with me, and frankly, I don't care what it is.

All I can say is simmer down, man, it's only football... :smiley:

It was a 6 point game at the time.

Haha Chief getting called out :stuck_out_tongue: