Brutal football past weekend

As a long time CFL fan, I can honestly say watching the different games this weekend was extremely dissapointing.

How teams competing for a playoff spot can be so outplayed or out-coached is beyond me. We are into September, where every game counts and the Ticats and Blue Bombers did not even show up, it was pathetic and not even watchable. The Argos are a case all themselves and at this point are a complete embarrasment to the league. I am a long time Argo fan but have lost all interest in even trying to watch them, it is too frustrating and not the least bit entertaining.

Maybe it's just me venting, but I expect better calibre of play from a professional team at this point in the season. There have way too many blowouts this year where two top teams were supposed to come in and put on a show and then one of them ends up getting their clock cleaned. It makes for bad football and bad entertainment. I'm getting sick of getting excited for a game, only for it to be over before half time.

I hope the teams pick up their acts and start competing and make for some exciting football, or what we've come to expect from the CFL.

Week before was exactly the same. Four games, all blowouts to varying degrees.

Well... as much as I want to say something mean about your parentage, it's hard to disagree. It really doesn't make sense how Hamilton can blow out Montreal one week then forget to show up for the first half the next week. Buck Pierce was doing a good impression of an Argo backup. And the Argos... yeah. The less said about them the better.

Hopefully we get some more consistency for the rest of the year.

this is the CFL man. get used to it really, this sort of 180 degree change happens often. It’s common in football when you have an 18 game season and you play week after week, and have to play through injuries and lows and highs.

Football is about emotion and hard work!

the Best example you can look at is how the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2 weeks have gone from losing to the 2-8 Toronto Argonauts to soundly defeating a 7-3 Winnipeg Blue Bombers team Twice in a row!

it’s all about attitude and emotion. the Riders when they started this season came out of training camp flat and with no emotion. Marshall couldn’t get it up (the Attitude people! :roll: ) and these Riders couldn’t respond and play hard.

Once Miller came back and installed his system the players responded and have changed. they came out and played their asses off both weeks. you can see the difference with them!!

Ti-Cats were out played by a team that was determined to NOT lose a 3rd straight game to the Ti-Cats and played a solid game!

but for any team in the CFL it is extremely difficult to do that week after week for 18 games.

This weekend was a tad disappointing even though I went 3-1 in the VGCC. :lol: I've never been a fan of blowouts, even if it's my team doing the blowing out. There's no excitement. The Calgary-Edmonton game was just bad football. I was spared the BC-Toronto game because I forgot it was on. I found it hard to get excited during the Sask-Winnipeg game because it was just INT after INT. Oh well. You usually get a couple dud weeks.

i think it has all to do with the back-2-backs.
i hate them. i think it takes something away from labour-day games knowing these teams will just play again the next week.
almost like having a best-of-3 playoff format. football playoffs are special because its one-and-done. makes the game a must-win. back-2-backs make it more of a 'just win one' or 'look to split' situation.

drummer is probably on to something, but it's absolutely true that this week were a bunch of "average" games. All of them blowouts, perhaps with the exception of Edmonton-Calgary. And that game was very sloppy.

Frankly it would be boring to watch the same teams win every week. What is the point of the fans of the losing teams to watch? Parity is far better with every team having a chance to win. Then the strategy and coaching adjustments from game to game becomes a big factor, not whos payroll is the biggest. Makes for a real exciting race to the GC.

Blow outs suck, but someone had a stat that last year, 1/3 (?) of the games were decided in the last few minutes and a larger percentage in the last 5 minutes?

Agreed, I hate the back-to-back games, particularly in a small league where clustering two games with the same two teams in a two-week span makes the rest of the schedule disjointed. It's silly that the Als are playing the Bombers for the first time in mid-September.

hey yo.. Chief..

you're telling me that you wouldn't love to see your Eskimos Blow out some team 55-0??

when the Riders were up 45-16 on the Bombers I definitely wasn't thinking "jee I wish it were 45-33 or 37! "

I was thinking, "One more!! let's get 50!!"

I love watching the Riders blow out another team! but when it's any other game (except esks) I love to see a close game! but I like seeing the Esks get walloped! when I was at the Calgary Edmonton game in 2010 here in Edmonton when the Stamps scored like 55 pts and held the Esks to 5 I believe? I was happier than a puppy playing with a new toy!!

I totally enjoyed all the games.

Wrong :stuck_out_tongue: Calgary 36-20 at Edmonton - Calgary 52 to 5 at McMahon :cowboy:

oops! :lol:

I coudn't quite remember which one was the blow out.


im thinking in 2010 calgary had two blow outs against Edmonton. 56-15 and 52-5. first one in edmonton. the labour day return was 36-20

Yes the Stamps did; margin of victory on average 54-10; overall 48-13..........Rock on