Brushes with CFL Greatness

Not only is Jason Maas the Ticats' new starter...not only did he play a decent game last night, which he is not satisfied with...not only is he the quarterback of what promises to be an exciting offence this year...but I THINK HE MAY BE MY NEIGHBOUR!!

My mother just saw him going into the grocery store down the street. She probably would never have known him, but someone else recognized him and called out to him. My mother described him: tall, beard, wearing a Ticat hat...and yes, okay, the ears.

Danny McManus used to shop at the same grocery store, and I've seen him there, as well as "Pigskin Pete" Paul Weiler. Recently-released Alphonso Roundtree had some friends in my building, and used to hang out here quite a bit (though I never saw him myself.)

This has gotten me thinking. Not many professional sports leagues are made up of players that are so much a part of the community that you can run into them going about their day-to-day routine. You think you would bump into Donnovan McNabb in the produce section, or Kobe Bryant doing his laundry? Not a chance!

To me, the accessibility of CFL players is one of the many things that makes our league so unique and so fantastic. I think it would be interesting to hear what players, past or present, other people have encountered. Not at special events or functions where they're appearing, or at practices or before or after games. But just going around the neighbourhood like average people.

Actually, I just thought of a couple more:

When I used to work at a video store in the late 80s, I rented a movie to Darrell Patterson. (Grover Covington also had a membership there, though he never came in while I was working.) And at a different store I worked at, I helped a tall gentleman pick out a movie, walking around and talking with him for about ten minutes, before noticing on his membership card that his name was "Michael Derks". Being an offensive lineman, he seemed quite surprised that I recognized his name.

In about 1998, I saw Paul Osbaldiston at Jackson Square (a mall in downtown Hamilton.) He was in a suit, apparently on his lunch break from the investment company where he worked. Appropriately enough, he was going into a shoe store.

Oh, yeah, and my sister dated Tony Champion briefly. Though I never had the chance to meet him, I did see his car driving through the neighbourhood once: a black BMW with the licence plate "CHAMP87".

tony champion?..his name is tony champion?..or is that a nick name?

No, that was his real name. I'm surprised you never heard of him: he's the guy who made the spectacular diving catch in the '89 Grey Cup to tie the score with 44 seconds remaining...before Dave Ridgeway spoiled it.

Gizmo Williams and Georges Laraque from the oilers both live about 5 minutes away from me. I think it's pretty cool when professional athletes are tied into the community to the extent that you can see them doing their everyday activities.

pinball refers to tony miles as 'tony champion'....which is what had me confused.

SWEET! good for you Big D! Hey, tell him about your VGC, and maybe put in a word about mu rule changes for me? thanks.

Right. :lol:
Sorry, Kanga, but if I ever have the opportunity to speak to Jason Maas, the last thing I'd talk about is your action point...unless I thought he needed a good laugh.

I met a few Riders one time, when they did a singing session when I was about 12 or 13 yrs old. I got autographs of Tom Campana, Bob Macoritti and a third Rider at the time , I cant remember who that was though, LOL.

We have a kid in the community I live in now who is trying to break into the league with the Eskimos. I hope he makes it. 1977 my mother was in the Sales Department of the Calgary Four Seasons Hotel....Willie Burden and Willie Armstead were staying there as preseason started and had lunch with her one day....they told her that were spending a lot staying in the hotel, it was tough on their families back home in the states, she offered to board them at our home for a few weeks until they knew if they made the team then they could get an apartment, we had tons of space and were about three blocks from McMahon Stadium......I lived with Willie A and Willie B for about three weeks!!!......We had a BBQ one night, Willie B fancied himself a great cook, and a bunch of players came over with their families, it was a ton of fun..... mom remained good friends with John Helton and his 1997 John took my oldest daughter and son and myself to a game.....imagine that, taking in a game with a legend.....

my friend used to live down the street from Iggy hes says once he saw him walking down the street with a latter from a house that was being built to get back in his house because he locked himself out of his house

I spoke with Roberts and Smith at the first preseason game this year.

you don’t have to be rude about it, he mite just actually like it.

Oh yeah, he'll like it alright.. about as much as he'd like a double espresso from Tim Horton's. Dang, is that crap ever bitter!

you never know, but let's get back to BD original topic, and maybe stories of other forum members living neck to CFL players. My mother has meet a few NFL players, and I once lived very close to Tory Aikman's house.

Why am I seeing the words restraining order flash before my eyes?

oh no! you have the WRONG idea there, my friend! :lol: