Brunt Pre-Game Article on Ticats-Als Clash

Here is the link to an article titled “Alouettes-Ticats matchup could be preview of East final” by Stephen Brunt on the Globe and Mail website tonight:

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Good article.

It's all about building a base and having continuity. MB is a good coach, not a very good OC though but the progress we have made with OB and MB is probably a year ahead of schedule.

I thought we would be competitive this year but not pull out the close games but we have won a lot of the close games and that's a good sign of things to come.

I want to be exactly like Montreal but with 1 big difference, that we could win more than 1 Grey Cup!

Good read, well done Mr. Brunt!

I agree, good article by Mr. Brunt of the Globe and Mail. The Ti-Cats are in it for the long run in building this new team with the players that Obie has assembled here in Hamilton and more to come, it is about consistency and yes any team would love to be another Montreal except for more Grey Cup wins.

The other thing is what makes Montreal different from Hamilton is that they have had the Golden touch since returning to the CFL, remember this team did not re-join the CFL back in the mid nineties they used to be the Grey Cup champion Baltimore Stallions of Larry Smith's defunct Southern CFL league, but also came to play and re-join the CFL as the old Montreal Alouettes with such names as Tracy Ham and Mike Pringle. the team was a winner from the beginning. Also, the signing of Anthony Calvilo has been huge for Montreal along Ben Cahoon but all the basics of a winning team were well in place, it wasn't a fire sale and re-start like Hamilton went through with a new owner in Bob Young in 2003 and the re-building of a team.

Give the Ti-Cats some time, with the players we have now, the way we are going, this team will be a consistent winner and Grey Cup winner in the not so distant future.

Eat Em Raw TIGER-CATS!!!!