Brunt - Mitch Mustain seeks to rebuild career in Steeltown

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in February, he was caught selling what were first identified as prescription narcotics to an undercover police officer. (It turned out the drugs were not a controlled substance, and instead of being charged with a felony, Mustain was placed in a diversion program.)

He was left undrafted, and though normally NFL free agency would have been an option, the ongoing player lockout made that a non-starter. So his agent made a call which the Tiger-Cats happily answered, and thus the late decision to travel to this strange league in a strange land.

“It’s easy for a lot of people to look at Canada as a kind of minor-league thing,? Mustain says. “But it is a big opportunity in itself. It’s a real league with really good players in it and really good teams.?

He acknowledges there have been moments during this journey that he was ready to pack it in and abandon what has clearly been his life’s mission. “I’ve considered it. I’d have been foolish not to.?

And though he talks about “getting some experience up here, getting some playing time, getting some film, and, hopefully, I can go back down [to the NFL] as a No. 2 guy where you’re a little more secure,? right now he is the No. 4 guy of four quarterbacks on the Ticats depth chart. If he sticks around this season, it will likely be on the practice roster, earning peanuts, and that to get where everyone expected him to be by now, he still has a very long way to go.

But there’s no doubting his motivation, there’s no missing that chip on his shoulder, which must grow heavier every time he reads one of those “Whatever Happened To Mitch Mustain?? stories.

Does he feel like he has something to prove to the folks back home, where once he was the star of stars?

“Certainly,? Mustain says. “There’s always that.?

nice article.
Its going to be hard for him to move up the depth chart though unless the cats move Porter.

The Cats have had 4 QB's on the roster for the last two years.

He may remain.

He job next two years will be to learn like Jason did

Certainly putting him on the practice roster makes sense. It gives the Cats more depth, adds a possible future starter if Boltus and Porter don't take the next step AND it gives the team a better chance to verify their decision that the young man has learned from his mistake with very little risk to the team

Not anymore…

I can hear my poor daughter's heart breaking from here lol

he was a hunk?

Something is outright release so quick??? There must be more to the story...again, something is up!

I fear he's the victim of bad publicity

They may just bring in another QB to look at
He was not having a great camp.

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why wouldn't they wait and get a look at him in a pre season game ...

Perhaps he wasn't progressing in camp? Marcel's philosophy is to see continuing progress.

Plus it means they get a look at someone else

They can tell pretty quick if someone is a legit prospect. Which is why so many NFL players say cut preseason to 2 games.

They feel they got 3 good QB .. In Glen Porter and Boltus
Knolton will get the spot on roster that was Mustains

You quoted the scratching post a few times already you should know they said they have no plans on bringing another guy in. Im guessing Glenn wont get any time in the first game so that means lots of time for Porter and Boltus.

The club must have been afraid of letting the women see him up close in Burlington and then having to let him go later.

Why does something have to be "up" for a guy to get cut? I realize there have been two abnormal causes, but there will be cuts based on performance - hopefully all of them.