Brunt Likes Bellefeuille Hiring

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He also likes the NFL coming to Canada so there you go.

His opinion (like mine) means nothing.

He's entitled to it.

Time will tell. This will make or break Obie as the GM of this team as well. Marcel is his boy, so the pressure is on both of them in '09.

Since when did writing about something mean that someone likes it? Both Brunt and Naylor have informed opinions on what they think may happen, not that they want it to happen.

Never seen, heard or read him saying anything close to that. All he's said is he thinks its "inevitable".

If you can find a link saying he "likes" it I'd love to read it.

I do pretty clearly remember his saying on McCown that he thought that it was a "good idea that shouldn't hurt the CFL in the rest of Canada." That's pretty close to an endorsement. McCown just snorted and went on his, "It ain't happenin' here folks" bit.

Yes, he's always said its a good business move given the economic climate in Buffalo. But I've never heard him say he would "like" the NFL in Tor like he has a preference of NFL over the CFL which he certainly does not.

Mr. Brunt feels that if it’s inevitable that the Bills are going to move after Ralph Wilson’s death, which he believes would be the case, then he’d like to see them in Toronto, because he enjoys the game (both CFL and NFL).

Dear Mr. Brunt,

If you ever visit this site, perhaps you wouldn't mind clearing up something. You have been described variously in this forum as wanting the NFL to come to Toronto, predicting it will, thinking it would be good business sense for the NFL to come here, and not caring one way or another.

Can you please tell us what your actual views are on this subject? It would save a lot of speculation.

No pressure on Obie, I think he is fine financially and in his late 60's I think he is, correct me if I'm wrong on this, does he really need the aggravation of working even if it might still be in his blood?

I also have never heard Brunt say it's a good thing for the CFL if the NFL comes here. But yes, as a business decision for the Rogers empire of promoting it's products and businesses, obviously a good thing for them and for those that really want the NFL in Toronto. And maybe a good thing overall for gridiron football in Toronto even if it means the extinction of the 3 down variety. Sounds weird but you know what I'm saying, potentially good anyways for gridiron in Toronto. No one can argue that the NFL is the most prestigious and biggest promoted league of all for gridiron.

Because working is what prevents alzeimers and keeps a person alive and healthy, at least according to Buck in killbill vol.2 lol

Why does it matter? Fact is Toronto will never get an NFL team and Mr. Brunt has nothing to do with them either getting or not getting a team. Right now the NFL has 100% of their international focus on Europe, Toronto is nothing to them and the league has absolutely nothing to do with the one game a year in Toronto.

Back to the article at hand :roll: ...

I thought he was BANG ON! :thup:

Nothing anti-anything in it...he just served up some history and his thoughts! I liked it! :thup:

Woody, I agree with you fully.

Drexl, the business about the NFL coming to Toronto, or not, or whatever, doesn't matter in relation to the Brunt article. I wasn't explicit about that, as I should have been. The article was very good, and I like his assessment of Marcel's promotion. I happen to agree with him. Others may disagree, and that's fine. What left me scratching my head was how the thread got to be mostly a whole wide range of speculations about whether or not Toronto would be getting an NFL team, and whether Brunt thinks that idea is good, bad, indifferent, or inevitable. That caught my attention.

One has to hope that M.B.,a Canadian, wil be sucessful in 09. As I recall, it was under another Canadian coach, From McMaster, that the team had its most successful season winning 9 games!

I hope Bellefeuille proves me wrong.

But the more I think about it the more I dislike this hiring and more importantly the way it was done.

If the Cats had done what they said they whould and gone into the off-season, looked at the potential Head Coaches and decided MB was the best I might still disagree based on what we have seen.

The way they did it leaves nothing but a bad taste in my mouth.

I still stand by my opinion that MB is a rookie HC who will show it at times

About the part of Brunt and Toronto and the NFL, I think we should excuse Mr. Brunt if he might come across as wishy washy or confused on the NFL and Toronto and whether it's good for the NFL or Toronto or whatever and whether the NFL wants it, doesn't want it etc.. Hey, this is a very confusing situation and while it might be easy for those who just make decisions on beliefs ie. NFL in Canada is just bad (or good) period, no discussion, for the majority out there, it is confusing and there are a lot of questions with no real answers.

Brunt is articulate and smart but he is no sooth sayer and really is probably as confused as anywone is out there despite the fact he might have more facts than most of us.

If the NFL in Toronto is confusing to people, Earl,
I suggest reading Bobby Ackles book ‘The Waterboy’

It's not that Toronto can't support an NFL franchise.. but to have 70,000 people enjoy an NFl game in Toronto

you will murder 8 CFL franchises.

He didn’t say this would happen right away,
he said it would definitely happen eventually.

The CFl is a small business. It may compete for the fans dollars,
but it can’t compete will the NFL for the T.V. and advertisers’ dollars.

Ron, no disrespect to Bobby Ackles who was a great CFL and football ambassador for football in this country, but this is his opinion and yes, based on a lot of knowledge. But again, Bobby Ackles was just guessing the future. I'm still not convinced the CFL goes belly up just because the NFL comes to Toronto and the Argos go capute and the TiCats even. Not as much money for the CFL for sure but to say it would be finished completely no one knows. Changed, yes, but finished completely, prove to me this would happen and no one can. And then again you have the Grey Cup and maybe if the CFL goes capute, university ball gains here and the Grey Cup is able to be won by so many more communities in Canada and gains a different signficance than today, more more prominent even though amateur. Who knows.

If an NFL team sets up shop in Toronto, Earl,
the CFL won't disappear 5 years from now

but IMO, if the Argos folds, the best case scenario is

that the western teams and Winnipeg end up
competing regionally as quasi-amateur teams

but, sadly the remaining Eastern teams will fold.