Well, the object of negativity in many articles over the recent time and a "CFL turncoat", has actually written a very positive article and is factually correct, without "unnamed sources" and predicting "doom and gloom".

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To further add into the mix, David Naylor the other anti CFL writer in the Globe has his own spin on the turn around, with stats that show the increase in scoring.

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Couple of good articles! Thanks for the links!

They sure are both right - the league has produced a very exciting product so far, and the running game certainly seems to be a large part of the reason.

For the first time in nearly 2 decades we finally have parity in the league. Any of the teams are capable of winning on any given night. No team is going to have soft games this year. I would rather see all teams finish around .500 and witness an all out scrap in the play offs for each win - vs the predictable outcomes when only 1 or 2 teams are contenders. The winner of the grey cup should be so exhausted that they can barely stand after winning. This season is shaping up to be the best in a generation in my opinion

Perfect time to expand in the east then, wouldn't you say? :thup:

I fail to see much positive in Brunt's article. It's his usual laundry of list of problems in the CFL. The headline does not read: The CFL is back!, but reads: CFL now offensive in the right way.

Here is the opening sentence of 12 of the 17 paragraphs in the "story":

[b]If you want to talk survival/co-existence strategies...

The problem was that in recent years...

Acknowledging that they didn't get first pick of the American talent...

Offences in the NFL had long ago become more wide open, the game there more high scoring...

The CFL was all passing all the time...

Combined with a kick-return game neutralized by new, confusing blocking rules...

Stagnancy was also an issue in an eight-team league...

Sure the Argonauts are a ball of confusion...

There will be plenty of people paying attention when the Buffalo Bills...

Some people are going to love it and some people aren't...

But rather than argue what's bad and dangerous...
Wow, coming from Brunt that's some positive article! But stay tuned for the point/counterpoint column which just might burst the CFL's balloon in coming weeks...

The 2 things I want to mention:

  • NFL gets first pick of American talent
  • Bills attention

Well, I've heard for decades that since the NFL gets the first pick of talent and is operated as the no. 1 league in football with all the picks and big money, like the MLB, NBA, NHL - and this is correct - that once the NFL comes to Toronto like it is with the Bills, the tickets will all be swooped up faster than a Madonna concert. So why didn't this happen, why are they having to work hard, Rogers and co., to get people to buy? Should have been sold out, all 5 years, in milliseconds. hmmm, something amis on that one. And don't say the prices of the tickets were high, we've been told by Lind and Godfrey et al. southern Ontario is "NFL country", it's unbelievable the NFL interest here, so on and so on and so on. Okay there guys, whatever you say. Not denying there isn't a lot of NFL interest here but the people have to put down the money to show they want their Toronto to have a team so they better do it.

And why do the Argos and TiCats even still exist?

The rest of the stuff like scoring is up or whatever, exciting games, who cares, stinkers and good games in the mix in both leagues year to year, that's not news to me.

Baby steps Earl, for Brunt to write such an article is an accomplishment.
But and again do we really care what his anti CFL spin is?

Personally argotom, I’ve always sort of liked Brunt. Now that being said, you can never trust completely anything anyone writes for a newspaper that is employed in the media business since we don’t know why they are writing this or that with whatever spin since these guys all have connections to just about anyone in the business, sports business, media business, you name it. One minute an axe to grind because this team put out little sandwiches for a media thing instead of smoked salmon or whatever etc., you know what I mean. Brunt, last time I heard, is a season ticket holder for the Cats, and that does tell me something. But he has to write articles that sell as well, like anyone. As you say, we shouldn’t really care but something may be going on right now behind the scenes? I don’t know.

I'm not sure now would be a good time for expansion. With Ottawa comming back on line there will be an expansion draft that will draw from the current player base as it is. I would favor expansion down the road providing that it was in Canada only - and it was only 1 team every 5 years. That way it would give time for the dust to settle and the new team to prove its stability before further diluting through more expansion drafts. There are numerous threads on whom the teams should be so I will keep my comments to the timing given the good health of the league.

There is never a bad time for expansion for an 8 team league that is in dire need to increase exposure and go from coast to coast.

There is never a bad time for expansion for an 8 team league that is in dire need to increase exposure and go from coast to coast.
Not against expansion - just after the US failed experiment we would be remiss not to plan future expansion with an eye to see them flourish.

Things are different than back then when the US expansion was basically all about just trying to keep the CFL afloat, get some money, who care if the teams actually survive. Back in the days when baseball was going to destroy football in Canada after the Blue Jays WS wins in their new "baseball stadium" that now is not that at all with the newer retro baseball-specific stadiums. That didn't happen and now we have a stronger CFL. So expansion very cautiously with excellent ownership and a facility that will work.

I seriously hope we see a team in Halifax and/or Québec in my lifetime. I'll probably only be around another thirties years at most.

I'm with you rpaege, I hope we are wrong but would suspect not many of us will be around to see a 10 or 12 team league?

Good posts argotom! Thanks for the links. :thup:

Say, wait a minute…

Berezin has been missing for two days now. You don’t suppose Naylor and Brunt are tied up in Berezin’s basement and Berezin wrte those articles…do you? :wink:

Naw, just my old age imagination. :lol: :lol:

Good to see you Toronto guys getting those anti CFLers to see the light! :thup: