Bruno Heppell moves to RDS

I can't stand the guy. He's replacing Pierre Casavant who moved to TVA Sports where Heppell was. :?

Denis Casavant, who I still miss on TSN 690 in the mornings, was the play by play guy. Heppell like Vercheval is a color guy. So they will still need someone to do play by play. David Arseneaullt perhaps.

Or Marc Labrecque or.... 'shudder'.....Didier Orméjuste.

RDS will have their hands full with Bruno. He's quite.....colorful. :slight_smile:

Turn down the volume on RDS, and put on TSN690 for the play by play.

I watch on TSN and PVR the RDS version and rewatch that one with pauses and fast forward :smiley: Except when Rod Black is having his period.

You are a better man than I if you can watch a TSN broadcast with the sound on. LOL

It’s barely tolerable when Cuthbert and Suitor are calling the game and flat-out unbearable if Rod Black is involved. I find myself keeping the game on mute more and more. Not like the announcers really ever tell you what the eff is going on anyway, and you can usually figure out what’s happening (penalty, challenge, etc.) without audio.

Cuthbert and Suitor I like and I can't imagine why youd have a problem with Rod Black I for one love hearing 15 times a game that Duron Carter's father is an NFL hall of famer that does nfl commentary now but always makes sure to have one TV set to the als game to watch his son play

Cuthbert and Suitor have been going through the motions the past few years, and neither of them know jack about the Alouettes, which always bothers me. They know nothing about the team besides the absolutely obvious headline narratives every year (i.e. Hawkins fired, Jim Popp interim HC). Cuthbert is also the kind of vapid, weaselly commentator who is allergic to delivering an opinion of any kind, which is precisely what I don’t want from a commentator. If Al Michaels thinks a play is off or a call is wrong, he says so. Ditto Chris Collinsworth. Cuthbert and Suitor are just vanilla surprise all the time. It’s a cure for insomnia.

They should also do something about the borrowed suits. They look like complete dorks in off the rack suits that have not even been altered. They should go to a more casual look if they can't even be bothered to hem their sleaves or take in the suits. The whole thing screams CHEAP ! I guess the sponsor takes them back and sells them to people :lol:

Oddly enough the RDS guys are always well tailored. Must be someone different dressing these guys or maybe Vercheval said the hell with that give me a clothing allowance and I'll dress myself. :thup:

My wife notices that every time she sees the commentators. :smiley: They look ridiculous, I agree.

Does TVA Sports have any gridiron football asset? I thought that RDS pretty much has the monopoly over French-language NFL and CFL?

Québécor est dans une lutte à finir pour gruger à Bell le maximum de son marché, quel que soit son marché. Avec Rogers, ils ont réussi à les déloger pour les droits sur les parties de la LNH et vont travailler à arracher les droits sur la LCF à Bell.

Ça ne veut pas dire que ça va marcher, mais ce qui est arrivé avec le hockey montre que Québecor a la capacité de prendre le dessus du pavé dans le marché francophone avec TVA Sports.

Je ne dis surtout pas que je le souhaite, mais les Alouettes ont été passablement négligés par RDS comme diffuseur officiel. Un peu de concurrence fera beaucoup de bien.


Come to think of it, you are right. Maybe TVA Sports will try to get the other, non-Alouette CFL games. However, I do not know how they can do that. Does TSN not have the signal, even for the games that RDS takes? As for NFL, Bell has firmly entrenched for Sunday afternoon, evening and night and Monday night. The only window I see is Thursday Night Football.

Starting in the fall, TVA Sports will have the NFL thursday night football in French; already with Rogers, in English.


TSN owns every broadcast rights, TV, WEB, French, English and most of the radio rights. TVA has nowhere to go. I see alliances with Rogers but not TSN.