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Offense is a liability.

How can you lose at home when leading 17-3.
And we got a 55 yd fg to tie.
Sucks back to 50%.
Unless a miracle maybe a few we won't be beating WPG in the Grey Cup.

At thus rate will we even be in it?


Brutal offense. Enough with this 90% passing, 10% running, teams know we're predictable. Olines love to run block.

I know the Oline gave up a couple of sacks, but when Masoli did have time, he was overthrowing recievers. They say a QB has 3.4 seconds from snap to reciever. Oline can't hold their blocks all day.

Our defense needs to get more pressure from the Dline. Wilson and Bennett need more snaps on the Dline. 3/4 of Montreals sacks came from their Dline.

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We're not in Winnipeg's league right now ,so, I wouldn't even worry about that...

As far as giving up a 17-3 lead goes??? When you have an inconsistent offense unable to sustain drives. A semi patchwork O-Line. An Offensive philosophy that does not feature the run to chew up some clock. Key players who were either starting their first game of the year or haven't played in almost two months and a fairly good opponent...Things tend to add up...Hopefully this was a wake up call that you cannot just show up with a reputation from two years ago and expect to win. You have to actually execute the game plan, such that it is...


Good post.

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Professional football players have the skill and play their guts out. They find a way to win.

The only thing consistent with us this year is the inconsistency.

We aren't fixing our Ohhhhhh line this year.

Not sure whose league we are in right now.

We have all Stars but make stupid mistakes.

I agree Soli has had his day and isn't the same likely still injured orstill shell shocked.

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We're a .500 team....
We beat a weak Calgary team

We beat a terrible Ottawa team

We split with Toronto ( also around .500)

We split with Montreal (also around .500)

And, we got dominated by the two best teams in the West who we don't match up well with at all. The front office didn't fix any of the weaknesses that were apparent in the 2019 Grey Cup. In fact, basically came back with much of the same team just two years later. If any team does that there will surely be a regression.


IMO, Cats should have won , but deserved to lose because of how the offense played. Where is Banks .Why are they not throwing to him, is he still injured. This guy was the 2019 MVP, and they don't utilize him? I don't get it. He is not a running back ,and neither is Addison ,these guys are receivers. They need to throw the damn ball down field to them ,not 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage.
These receiver runs, are not fooling anyone . They only work once in awhile when the ball is being thrown down field. I don't know know what else there is to say except, I hope Dane Evans is back soon , because Masoli doesnt seem to be the player he was years ago. ....... I think this is Danes Team now.


Clock management. Up 17- 3 late in the game.
It was 6_3 at the half.

Run game control the clock.
Time management.

Field position.

As the weather will get a lot colder and hard to control long throws a solid running game is crucial.

But we don't have a o Line we have an ohhhh line.

STE rushed for a whopping 26 yards.

A good running game helps the passing game.

Solis numbers looked good and with that lead we should have and could have won.

We don't have any problems getting people to catch the ball just not the right people preoctecting the passer and opening enough holes on a regular basis.

Until that is fixed we will see much the same.


No excuse.

Masoli couldn't lead a drive all night.

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On top of the offensive woes, absolutely no pressure on Adams in the fourth quarter, even after two Mtl offensive lineman were injured. Looked like he could peel a couple of potatoes at times before throwing.

Team seemed to be playing not to lose, they managed to get past Calgary and Ottawa with a similar game plan but it was only a matter of time and a better more motivated opponent before they blew one. Maybe this will be a good wake up call.

Any word on Okafor’s injury? If Van Zeyl is back for the Toronto game then they may move Murray over to left tackle if Okafor can’t go.

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Je trouve aussi que ce ne sont pas les Alouettes qui ont gagné tant que les Tiger Cats qui se sont battus eux-mêmes. Ils ont dominé pratiquement toute la 2ième demie et ont joué à la fin comme les Alouettes au cours de leurs 2 parties précédentes. Ce qui peut donner espoir du côté de Hamilton, c'est que lorsqu'Evans sera revenu, ils pourront compter sur 2 quarts-arrières du calibre de cette ligue. Je n'enlève rien à Watford, mais il doit encore apprendre le métier.

Je pense que le potentiel de progression des Tiger Cats est meilleur que celui des Alouettes présentement. Ils ont de bons éléments avec lesquels ils peuvent s'améliorer. Ne serait-ce que pour cette seule raison, je pense qu'ils auront une chance de se rendre jusqu'au bout. Et une fois rendus au match ultime, tout peut arriver. Dans un passé récent, le Rouge et Noir et les Argonauts ont fait ce genre de tour de passe-passe. C'est encore possible avec des gars comme Condell et Steinauer.

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LeStaf, ton post c’est trés élégant. :beers:

Merci! Remarquez, je n'ai pas écrit ça pour plaire mais bien parce que je le crois.