Bruce13thMan's Man Cave

Here is a video on my Man Cave, hope you all enjoy it, as much as I have putting it together!

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Nice effort ... too bad the Domi jersey had to be there ... singlehandedly cost the Leafs a playoff series against the Devils a number of years ago.

Admire your dedication to your teams.

That Sir, is Epic!!! We're not Worthy!!

Except for the leafs garb though 8)

Nice man cave. Just one thing missing...

Where's the beer? LOL

Jealous of some of your memorabilia that's forsure!!!

Here's a video of my "Cave" from back in 2010...

Yeah, you'd have more room for a real TV to watch sports on if you got rid of the toronto junk.

Thanks for sharing your's also, and a much BIGGER THANK YOU for all you have done for our Country! God Bless you Sir!! :thup:

I like your setup better! :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm going to have to wait 20+ years for my mancave... gotta wait for the kids to grow up and move out! hahaha