Mr Bruce... You OWE this Country an apolgy for you comments.

Darn straight he does. If I was the head of officiating, I'd be seriously considering suing his butt for slander.

Not a very smart thing to say. Jake might be getting a bit slow and a little inconsistant in his video replay calls but I don't think he racist.
But Bruce was probably very frustrated with way things went and the coaches slow removal of Damon when it was obvious very early that he didn't have it yesterday.
Maybe the Argos didn't get many brakes yesterday but didn't lose because of the referees. IMO
Arland probably played this game for nothing.

Arland probably played this game for nothing.
And the Argo's got what they paid for. Mr. d'Third? Why not apply for the job? Or join the Stampeders? They could use another wideout with better lips than hands...or heart!

Mr. Bruce should be fined at least $50,000 and given a 6 game suspension. He is a sore loser. He belongs in the NFL with his drug addict buddy Ricky Williams.

Why? because the CFL ref's can't make the right call?

Arland Bruce should be kicked out of the CFL period.

jake ireland acording to marty york

I don't understand how you could stand up for some sore loser vanhalendlrband. his comments were unacceptable Argo or not.

I would like to think he was talking out of frustration. I'm curious to know if he would stand by those remarks 24 hours later.

I just read an article on TSN, he took back some of the comments, but said he stilled believed some of them. The argos have given him an undisclosed fine, and the league is evaluating what they are going to do to Bruce.

LOL, if he was traded to Hamilton the day before he made those comments I bet you would be one of the many pre-ordering his jersey. Fact is, not one player on the sorry Ti-Cats is as exciting and explosive as Arland Bruce. Ya he made some questionable comments but hey he wants to win so bad unlike a certain gold n black team that just plain gave up many times this year.

Bruce is wrong, Argos lost and why is it that Bruce spends the off-season out of town? Oh yeah, it's because he doesn't like White folks!

you can make this personal but it doesn't affect me because like everyone its always nice to have your team win but honestly who cares. its just a game. I am not going to lose sleep when the kitty cats lose. I go to the games for a night out and have a few beers with friends. in my opinion Arland Bruce is a sore sport/ baby so bottom line who needs him & his backward NFL cap?. If he wants to go to the NFl let him go he will maybe make a pratice roster somewhere

Mr. Bruce made a big mistake. He said things that were patently untrue and - in reality - make no sense. In fact, if any team had wanted to play a racism card then I suppose that it could have been Sask. because - until Shivers got fired - they had the only top black management team in football. It was nice to see.

Yes, Bruce was mad at losing. In fact, some calls were bad. This is the CFL and we've been living with blown calls for a long time.

What really shocked me was Pinball saying on the Fan that it was too soon for Bruce to be asked to really apologize and that we needed to understand Mr. Bruce better.

Mr. Clemons- that's a two way street. I'm afraid that I lost a lot of respect for you with these comments. Sad. Very sad.

everybody is blowing this outta proportion, its clear the refs dont like the argos, so why debate it, and how do you guys know that the refs might not be racist?

"How do you guys know that the refs might not be racist".....

Funny, I thought everyone was presumed innocent until proven guilty. Silly me.

Anyway, if it is, iceman, "clear" to you that the refs don't like the Argos, enlighten me please as why it was that Montreal, not Toronto, was the most penalized team in the CFL this year?

I gave him 5 examples of where there is favoritism towards the Argos.... He has yet to respond. I wonder why? :roll:

regaular season stats mean nothing, also didnt the al's finish in first place in the standings, so its obvious they hate on the argos. HOLA BACK, ADIOS