Bruce Wallpaper

I just made the 1st of Arland Bruce Wallaper
You get it at my Site..


Quite the sight you got going on there eh! I read Ur Vic report, and totally agree. I wanted to click on the links you provided but know it would ruin my weekend seeing those pictures! I'm also a Dog owner and I would die for my girl! And to think people out there do what they do to those dogs just rips me apart! And to have a person that has more money then you and I x100000 Be a part of these SICK twisted "Sport" just grinds my gears! I can't see him going anywhere in the NFL. Sorry I'm off topic!

Thanks but I said my Peace on it and Time to move on.
I am glad you like the Site I been Doing BRG in Some form or another for 5 years now off and on