Bruce Urban interested in purchasing Gades!!!!

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Bruce Urban, owner of the National Lacrosse League Edmonton Rush is interested in purchasing the Renegades and moving them to Halifax for '07. This would be great for the CFL. He's done a pretty good job advertising and putting on a good proffesional show with the Edmonton Rush(I've been to few games this year).

Hopefully we'll have a stadium by then because that would be great. Once we have a stadium, we'll probly get a team soon as there seems to be a lot of people/companies that would like to invest in a team.

I think 07' might be too soon though because thats when the Commonwealth games announcment is. And in November. 2 months to build a stadium? Maybe 08' or 09'. I dont know how long it takes. More than 2 months right?

Oh well, Hopefully it will be soon. Maybe we'll get a new mayor who will build a new stadium regarldess of the Commonwealth Games.

What a mess this whole Ottawa thing is.
I have no smart ass comments for this problem. I just hope it all gets sorted out.
I would love to see new CFL teams. Both Quebec City and Halifax would be a great addition to the league. If al three, Ottawa, Halifax and Quebec could get off the ground that would be fantastic.

And then we'd need 1 more for the west.

And KK please don't even mention Alaska.

I think they would need another in the east first making it 5 teams each

League won't let anyone purchase the team to move them.

If he wants team for Halifax, let him pony up the money and make the committment to start from scratch.

Like, building a 25,000-seat stadium for starters.

good to hear others talkin about moving b4 folding!

logical move is QC, cuz thier stadium is closest to a CFL size stadium for '07...halifax wont have a CFL sized stadium intime for the '07 season.

Saskatoon, Brandon, Kamloops, Moose Jaw, Swan River, Red Deer,
Ft. McMurray (lots of money up there and nothing to do), Tisdale,
Rivers, Beausejour.
I think Quebec and Halifax are more likely.

Would the league prefer to go back to 8 teams, Mr. History-Book? Better move than fold.

man, those of you that think moving the team is a viable option are just plain ignorant of the facts.

Ok, let's move to a city that has a stadium capacity of 10,000.... like for crying out loud, get with it people. In order for the CFL to be a viable "professional league" you need a team in the capital.

Good grief, you people make me sick, you're so stupid.....

Tisdale. hahaha. Ya tjsoe 3,000 people are sure gonna fill some stands.

On a side note, my family went to half of the season games when we lived in Tisdale, a good 3 hour drive at least.

Sure smythcam!
Lets have a team in the capital and have no-one in the stands
Its better to have 10,000 fans who pay fair market value than 15,000 who pay almost nothing!

Tisdale is a nice place. The only problem with having another team in the West is where would it go. Saskatoon is the only place that is large enough but it would cut into Regina's market. Maybe. At the last Saskatchewan - Calgary game the stands were full of Saskatchewan fans who had come to Calgary. It might open up a Battle of Saskatchewan like the Battle of Alberta.
The point is that unlike the East which has a number of cities, in the West there is the big city or the small town where would a new team go.
In the East nobody has mentioned St. John's as a prospect.

St. John's NB has a population of only 122,000. Its kinda hard to imagine 1 in 4 attending the games However NB does have a pop of 750,000 over a relatively small area. It could work

Nova Scotia is a smaller area with just under 1 million.

NS - 55,490 km2 with 937 000 people.
NB - 73,440 km2 with 751 400 people.

I agree with Ro why have a team in Ottawa if only 2000 have put their money down. Sorry Ottawa fans have had their chance sure the owners were jokes but If you are a good football fan you still show up. You either want it or lose it!

the idea of closing down the gades for the '06 season to straighten everything out PROPERLY and return for '07 sounds like an alright idea....aslong as they DO come back for '07. better than folding and never returning!

so if the gades dont play in '06, and theres a draft of renegades '07, do all the gades players return to the gades?

No it won't work. You have to give the current fans some hope with the same and core players. If you shut down, again it is out of sight out of mind. On top of which you are starting all over again like an expansion team. The league has to prop up the Gades if there is a new owner in the wings. That's what Tom Wright said would happen.

15,000??? we're not talking about Hamilton, and Toronto's attendance from 2003. Last year the Renegades averaged just under 19,000.

And actually the Renegades have about 3500 season tickets (Still pitifully woeful) but only 2000 subscribers (obviously people bought more than 1). When you were only selling season tickets from November to December 10th, that kind of puts a dampner on people wanting to buy more.

*Note.... after December 10th, you could not buy any season tickets at all with the Renegades.... WHY??? Ask the Glieberarses... I would guess that they were waiting for the 99 special. So selling 3,500 tickets in a little over a month, isn't too bad. Even in January, I wanted to buy more season tickets (I have 3, but wanted 1 more). I was told that they weren't selling tickets....

What the hell?? Stupid Glieberman's..... If Ottawa can have a losing record for 27 straight years, and still average 19,000 or so, I call that a freakin' miracle.

I hope this clears up all the misconceptions about people not buying season tickets.... after December 10th... they couldn't......