Bruce To Retire After This Season?.. :S

just checking out his website and came across this on the Q&A page.

"From joe thibodeau

what are you doing to prepare for life after football? How many years do you have left in football? I think after this season you have at least 4 keep doing what you do for the cats!!!!!



this would be a huge blow to our team. yes hes bin here for one great season but we could use him for another 2-3 to help groom these younger recievers we have. PLEASE STAY BRUCE! WE NEED U!

LOL ! That's funny, typical button pusher Arland :thup:

Another reason to question any description of him that involves the word class. Mocking fans isn't particularly funny

That would be a real shame. :frowning:

We have 2 victims here already and neither even realizies it by the looks of things


Arland is fine ..

Without Bruce we not have had a home playoff Game

He will retire when Jay-Z retires. :roll:

Not the issue Onknight. He's a good player. He's an important part of the team. His sense of humour is less than classy. If you took that statement seriousy, you too are a victim

Victim is a little strong. Not Arland's fault if people are gullable...

The week of our first home playoff game in eight years is not a good time to be calling our top receiver classless.

You would find it a bad time on any occasion. Point received and given due consideration. My intent is to warn the gullible they are being had. I don't think its funny. Do you seriously want an ongoing debate on the ridiculous notion that Bruce intends to retire?

He'll retire when Obama calls it quits i'd say. :wink:

I'm sure with Arland he has easily another 4 years left in football and if he's happy and healthy playing he will keep on playing because the guy just has too much fun playing the game of football and his career is re-born in Hamilton with the Tiger-Cats and Kevin Glenn instead of locked away in Bart's World with the Argo's in T.O.


Definition of Bart's World next year - 0-18 :cowboy:

I have no Problem with Arlands Since of Humor .. :lol:
He is very much a Ticat now ..
You have to take good with the bad with him and let it slide.

Is'nt that your job?

Calling other classless,that is...

Check out the Glenn/Bishop thread for evidence....

How’s this for evidence: “I then add in the history of those fans in that city and some of the truly classless behaviour by them and some of the players on that team in the past…” Sound familiar?

My contention is that at this point in the season we should be supporting our players, not taking cheap shots at them. What do you think?

You're the guy who got upset in the game thread when I called Marwan Hage the worst centre in the league after his bazillionth poor long snap....

Here's what I think...

You are an unobjective shill who is easily offended...

  • I wasn't upset, just pointed out that your lack of support was noteworthy
  • I am not offfended
  • interesting how you resort to insults so quickly
  • all of the above erodes any credibility your posts may have