Bruce to Leos

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have traded veteran receiver Arland Bruce to the B.C. Lions in exchange for draft picks.

From TSN:

The move comes five days after the 33-year-old Bruce had a no-catch game in Hamilton's win over Montreal on Saturday and a day after he was absent from practice on Tuesday.

Bruce, acquired from Toronto in mid-season trade two years ago, had an outstanding season-and-a-half for Hamilton but his production has dropped sharply this season, as he has battled a series of nagging injuries.

At the same time, the Tiger-Cats offence has flourished with a new crop of young receivers, highlighted by rookie Chris Williams.

Bruce had become frustrated with his diminished role in the Hamilton offence this season, leading to a meeting between him, coach Marcel Bellefeuille and general manager Bob O'Billovich late Tuesday.

Bruce, who is currently nursing a hamstring injury, can bring experience and playmaking ability to an 0-5 Lion team that has struggled with inconsistency among its receivers.

Some thoughts from the Leo's beat writer before the deal went down -

While we do need some recieving help, its out D thats costing us games. Itll help but wont solve much im afraid

Bruce was a great receiver but I think he's just getting old. He had some of his best years with the Double-Blue. In the playoffs he never seems to have great games. I can see why Vancouver signed him......their receivers haven't been catching anything lately.

signing a receiver that is nursing a hamstring injury. Brilliant. Lions win the cup for sure now :roll:

Wally seems to be going senile in his old age.

Looks to be a 3rd rounder and a conditional pick next year.


VANCOUVER -- Veteran receiver Arland Bruce is heading west.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are sending Bruce to the B.C. Lions for a third-round draft pick in 2012 and an additional conditional selection.

Bruce has played 146 career games over 11 CFL seasons.

He spent just over two years in Hamilton after a trade with the Toronto Argonauts.

In 34 games with the Ticats, Bruce caught 169 passes for 2,450 yards and 17 touchdowns.

Bruce has recorded 611 career receptions for 9,416 yards and 76 touchdowns but struggled this season with Hamilton (3-2), registering just nine catches for 104 yards and no TDs.

im sure wally looked into his health. Having geroy on one side and bruce on the other... could really lulay, have some recievers that can go up and get the ball.

Cant figure out... why did they release black when it was collins that bit the big one in winnipeg?

Wally seems to be dumping off draft picks every year. last year for newman, this year for bruce...

SO im guessing stala will be the anchor for hamilton now.

Hope bruce and elemimian can make up after the little scrum they had.

At this point I think Wally is doing everything he can to write the ship - naggin injury or not. The writting was on the wall in the Hammer that Bruce was on his way out... I think this should bring some stability to the recieving core.

Lions' receiver Black to be released

By Lowell Ullrich, The Province

Steven Black has gone from prospect to being passed over.

Though the B.C. Lions won’t yet make it official, the sophomore receiver was told by coach/GM Wally Buono Saturday he was being released. Rookie defensive back Marquez Hall was also given similar news in order to accommodate the arrival of veteran defensive back/linebacker Tad Kornegay.

Black caught five touchdowns from 22 receptions as a rookie last year but fell victim to a requirement made of all sophomore players in Buono’s system.

“He didn’t show enough progress,? Buono explained Saturday.

Black was buried on the team’s practice roster this season along with Nick Moore, who was also on the block until Dobson Collins had three drops and a penalty against Winnipeg. Moore could replace Collins when the Lions play the Saskatchewan Roughriders Friday.

Meantime, non-import J.R. LaRose had the cast on his broken left forearm removed and is hopeful to be given a chance to replace safety Davis Sanchez against Saskatchewan. Rookie linebacker Adam Bighill suffered a rib injury against Winnipeg and may sit out so as to allow Joe Henderson to make his sophomore debut.

He's also acquiring them too! Remember, he got Montreal's first rounder next year.

That's a head-scratcher for sure.

He's also acquiring them too! Remember, he got Montreal's first rounder next year.
I had forgot about that trade. i remember watching the Draft thinking this was less then great move by montreal. especially considering the other drafted kicker from montana. just a side note then... with BC needing a kicker soon, with MAC daddy getting old, i wonder if we could see sandro re-surface in BC. Great thing about that white trade, is he was a territorial designate. so wally basicly gave up a freebie player for another first round pick. that was a sweet trade on his part.

he can catch, so he's instantly a monster upgrade on Dobson Collins, healthy or otherwise

Hugh O'Neil (the Leo's 2nd round pick last year) will be stepping in for Paul when he finally realizes it's time to pack things in. The kid out of the U of A is getting some very good experience and teaching while waiting in the wings - ala Sean Whyte.

as far as Hamilton is concerned, when a player is being phased out a bit like bruce was by the packages being played, its a good move to trade away a high salary such as his. give yourself some cap room. Its too bad for bruce in that, he helped bebuild the issues in hamilton, now hes off th BC...

I not really sure on this; Is it true that Wally likes to see what he can get from NFL cuts to improve his football team?
Bruce will give an added spark for the Lions none the less.

I have no links to back me up at this time... I do recall wally being upset with the two year rule because he cant get as many NFL rejects. he does like to "airlift" guys in i believe. I think the game is maturing, and the NFL rejects mid season are not as nessisary as it once was. There is a good thread going on in the ALS forum about hawkins, shows that the NFL rejects dont always pan out like people would think. i think the best rejects are the ones that played CFL previously.

How certain is it that Bruce is still suffering from a nagging hamstring injury?

If he doesn't pass the Lions medical the trade can be voided. So, you'd have to think that nagging injury was more of an excuse for the Hamilton coach and GM than a reality.

Not too surprising. Bruce is like the TO of the CFL.

2012 draft for Lions:

2 first rounders (one from MTL)
1 second rounder
2 third rounders (one from EDM - Messam has to play 9 games which is highly likely)

So it's not like the club is mortgaging the future.

Well that depends on whether or not there was such a condition attached to the trade.

Montreal had that condition included when they traded with Calgary in the offseason for Labinjo. . . and when he failed his medical in Montreal the trade was voided.

However, Toronto apparently didn't have such a condition attached to their trade with Winnipeg for Jyles. . . he hasn't played a down for them this season and sits on the 9 game injured list. . . that trade wasn't voided.

Hope, for BC's sake, that they didn't make the same mistake Barker made on the Jyles deal. . .