Bruce & Stala's Invitation to Jack Astor's for Aug 20 in TO

Arland Bruce & Dave Stala's Invitation to Jack Astor's for Fri. Aug 20, 2010 located at 133 John Street in Toronto on Friday for a pre-game rally hosted by The Caretaker, Bob Young, from 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm.

Lets RALLY at Jack Astor's instead of Gore Park since no one knows whats going on !!!

Ill be there before the game and then again after if they win when they win!


Thank you Bob and the TiCats for hosting a great get-together. It's so CFL to see the owner of the team hanging with the fans. I'm looking forward to the party in Tigertown when the TiCats are playing in the Grey Cup (this year?).

We got there a little late (5:45) so the freebie table was bare and the pep rally thing was over. Still very classy of Bob to organise this. I don't think very many pro team owners would feel comfortable enough with the fans to mingle as he did. Much respect.