Bruce Springsteen's Wrecking Ball/Ivor Wynne

I can't help but think this played over the PA after the last home game this year would be a perfect way to say goodbye.
4 minutes of the greatest moments at Ivor Wynne being shown on the big-screen .
I can picture the last half of the song being played with all living Tiger Cats escorted by present day players into the stadium from the tunnel for the last time.


This idea is too good to drop. I think about GeoffW's suggestion everytime I hear this song (as I get ready for the upcoming Springsteen concert). There's not too many songs out there that are sung from the first-person perspective of a legendary stadium about to be demolished.

Now that Bruce is coming to Hamilton in October, the coup of the year for MRX marketing staff would be to convince him to throw on a Ticat shirt (or perhaps more likely - a Ticat cap) when he plays this song. That would look great in the video montage.

Yes, great idea. Except that it will probably be an implosion that takes the stands down and not a wrecking ball. But the idea is there. South Side lower deck video implosion in Ottawa. The upper deck was knocked down with a large tractor with an extension on it.

....and here is the wrecking - tool at Frank Clair, not a ball. Probably the same company and device that will be used at IWS

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Ok, looking at Frank Clair and seeing the cement girders, can someone tell me what happens with all the cement from old buildings that are demolished, driveways etc.? Is it used for landfill or do they reproccess it to be used again somehow?

Nah. For me, that song is way too specific to New Jersey and its swampy meadowlands.

Maybe they'll sell it outside the new stadium in 2013 - just like people used to sell little chunks of the Berlin Wall.

The song was used when the spectrum in philly was being taken down. Yes it mentions the meadowlands but the point is still the same.

Maybe expat. 8)

So , tonight's the night.

Here's hoping there's a Ivor Wynne reference.
For those who are going, enjoy the show. :smiley:


  • Springsteen played this song last week at Copps (though he did not reference Ivor Wynne, nor did he wear a Ticat cap)
  • The song was among those played after the last game, shortly after the fireworks display. Very fitting. Bring on the wrecking ball!