Bruce Speaks out!

Weather Bruce made his comments public or kept them in the locker room is not the problem,I think the real problem IMHO is now Marcel is very close to having a split locker room (if not already),I think it might be all down hill from here,but I'm keeping my fingers crossed,and I'm going to keep cheering until our last game.

I must say, I agree 100%...

Even if he threw Porter under the bus, it is a wake up call to the coach, and Porter... The experiment is OVER.. The players are sick and tired of losing game after game while they watch the better quarterback sit on the sidelines because their coach wants to develop the young kid(who actually isn't that young to begin with) for the future.. enough is enough and I support Bruce in calling it as it is!

Someone had to say it and we all know Arland is the one who will not back down or stay quiet when he sees something that isn't right! He called out Bart Andrus and since then Byron Parker, and Kerry Joseph have both spoken up.. Maybe someone else in our dressing room will man up and say something.. Would everyone back off Bruce if more vets spoke up, say Floyd, Johnson, maybe some of our O-Line?

Everyone just says "Ah its Bruce, here we go again" when in fact he is speaking out for his teammates and calling it as it is, JUST LIKE WE DO ON HERE EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I would pay attention, thats for sure. As it stands now its just Bruce being the selfish player he is even if he isn't alone in his feelings.

That pass was in his knees. Should a professional caught it...sure. But a professional quarter back doesn't throw a five yard pass to a guy's knees. If Porter can't make that pass properly it's no wonder he can't make much else.

I don't like seeing this quote either, but it's the truth. Developing Porter has probably cost us a playoff game and obviously players like Bruce are upset about it.

:thup: :thup: It's not like he didn't get some input from more than just the fans. Matt Dunigan spelled it out for him 2 weeks in a row.

What I'm afraid now is that Porter will be traded or quit and we can forget about "developing" him because he was thrown in too soon!

8) You might be right there Woody. I have the feeling that something is going to happen now !!

Gibson is a mediocrity as a coach.

And Bellefeuille is a first-time CFL head coach who is still learning how to manage his personnel properly. Why else would he continue to send out Porter game after game when it's clear that his young QB's confidence is in tatters?

Glenn will make lemonade, but they're still Gibson's lemons, unfortunately.

Well I can guarantee that he won't be traded. The other 7 teams have seen what everyone in Hamilton has seen this season so I doubt if there would be any teams eager to acquire him.

An Argo-Cat fan

Man, Porter is 28 years old. If he hasn’t developed by this point he never will. Glenn is only a couple of years older and has a lot more poise and ability.
This guy is a dud, he gets pulled he salks, Every Defence in the league knows they just have to get in his face and he is like dear in the headlights…
And this guy is no Anthony Cavillo future star…When AC was in Las Vegas on a crappy team, he was throwing bullets all over the field in a losing cause. AC’s mistake was coming to Hamilton at a time when the franchise was in a mess and the coaching and team stunk.
As for Bruce, he is the best receiver on the team and he stated what the majority are thinking. Good for him…it is about time someone in the organization got pissed off instead of the standard answers from MB about executing, one play at a time, blah blah blah.
And Kudo’s for #28 Johson yesterday when he hit Bishop in the 4qtr and when Bishop put his hand up for Johnson to help him up he swatted it away and walked away. That is the sign of a player who gives a damn.

[quote="Kooblahdee"]Man, Porter is 28 years old. If he hasn't developed by this point he never will. Glenn is only a couple of years older and has a lot more poise and ability.


He is 26.

Marcel is trying to be supportive of the young guy and that's cool but at some point being the boss means you have to make the tough decisions and Bellefeuille is having a hard time taking that next step. He's the same guy he was in his other jobs, trying to shmooze his way through.

Gibson is going to cost this team one of their best young linesman (Marcoux) and probably more if they don't reign him in. Gibson's offense has not progress at all in 14 games, it is what it is and his guys are not enjoying themselves and it shows. Football has to be simple and fun, that's how you build a winner. Keep it simple, have fun while working hard and let playmakers make plays.

It is crystal clear that Bruce is right, and I'm glad he said it. Enough is enough. Players and fans both know that we are giving away games by starting Porter instead of Glenn. Enough is enough. Everyone seems angry over our playoff slide except Bellefuelle, who should be very angry at himself for sticking with a rook QB whose confidence is obviously shot. At least Kelly realized that he made a mistake early in the year at the QB position, and corrected it. Bellefuelle's big mistake this year is not doing the same thing, and we look terrible because of it.

whats the difference between a QB who fumbles a ball when hit from behind or a receiver who drops a ball when he is wide open ??

Thank you Bruce!

I have been waiting for someone to step up and say this. This shows that Bruce is a total team player, he is saying what every receiver on this team wants to but cant. A first year player would never make these comments because there scared, but Bruce has nothing to worry about he is possibly the best receiver in the cfl.

I hope this coaching staff listens to him and gives Glenn first team reps this week. If we want a playoff game we need some huge wins down the stretch and Porter cant do that.

there were a ton of dropped passes out there yesterday. Glens numbers could have been alot better if our receivers just held onto that ball.

It was easyer for Kelly because Lefors tore his Labrum. Patience is usually rewarded but Quinton got hurt (knee) and since than he's been tentative, he's also complained about his paycheck so you have to wonder if his head is screwed on right, there was the complaints last week regarding the play calling. Quinton needs to step back at this point. For his good as much as the team's. Its a tough job to learn and at this point the pressure is higher than his level of confidence. The gate is melthing as the team sliders down the rankings and his teammates have lost patience. So put the vet in there and hope for the best. This winter they can review everyone's performance and see where they go.

Winnipeg is a very hard hitting defense and I question the toughness of the Ticat's receivers.

Yes and Bruce would of scored a TD if he had caught Porters pass WIDE OPEN in the flat . Why is it you want to make excuses for the receivers and Glen but Porter cant buy a break ?? Why is it EVERY year in this town you guys want to throw a QB under a bus ??? Glen doenst want to be hit cant you see that ???

The whole team stunk the tackling was very bad also. Could it be MB's insistent s on putting Porter in hurt the teams moral. It doesn't take much sometime to take your game readiness away. The coaching was very bad also. It was a total cave in. :oops:

Porter cant buy a break...
he has been getting one all season! thats why we might not make the playoffs. The reason porter got pulled is because he cant hold onto the ball.

Why would Glenn want to get hit?
If i was the qb i wouldnt want to get hit...