Bruce Speaks out!

Bruce's comments have been repeated here for weeks now. A few of us have even wondered how the other players felt knowing the best QB on the team was NOT starting games. Now we know.

Still, he should've kept his mouth shut.

An Argo-Cat fan

Why ? Now Bellefeuille will be forced to CHOOSE, something his has not had the intestinal fortitude to do. He's had plenty of time. Last week Porter criticised Bellefeuille and the coaching staff went along with it, well go along with it again. You can blame Marcoux and Bruce and whoever you want but these guys are trying to salvage their season and some their career.

I've said from day one I don't like Bruce and he has to keep his mouth shut, play the game hard ALL of the time and quit his showboating. Guess what? He failed. I know he's the best receiver we have. Guess what again. We can lose just as easily without him as with him.

I never called for Porter's head. Still don't. I think Bruce is wrong. What we need to win is some competent leadership from the OC. Who we put in at QB is far from the biggest worry

No, now you know how the egomaniac feels.

And so do I......
I've been waiting for several games see what player, would have enough "stones" to come out and call..." it " the way it is. Good on Bruce :thup: . As frustrated as we fans are with this " Marcel's school for learning QB's." Now we are getting a taste of what it is like for the players. Simple just that...simple truth.
Before anyone starts wanting to fry "BRUCE" over this....and this includes the coaching staff....what happens should this " experment " with Porter that Head Coach Marcel has put....not only the players, but also the fans....through this season.... will most likely cost this team, a play-off shot in 2009.
Marcel....can blame "no one".... but himself....period.

No, Marcel should fine Bruce at the very least

Blame the right guy. Gibson. Starting Porter has not been a mistake. Giving in yet again to the mob mentality would be a mistake too. Porter isn't the problem and Glenn is not the solution

Most people see it this way ..Bruce is Speaking from Heart .
I bid the most of ticats Locker room see it this way
our coaches need to wake up and Smell the Coffie..

Hang one. You don't think Gibson is running his offense without any input or approval by Bellefeuille do you ? You don't think Gibson is letting Marcoux rott on the bench without the approval of his bosses ? The problem is generalised and it is a lack of leadership across the board.

He should do nothing. same as he did when Porter criticized him a few times this year. This is frustration coming out. that's all it is. Frustration caused directly by the coach's stupid decisions.

I believe the offense play selection is all on Gibson. 100%. That is what is killing us

Gibson's calls are hurting us, Bellefeuille allowing it to continue unchecked is killing us.

So your suggesting Bellefeuille fire Gibson and to take over the offense the rest of the way? Interesting idea, not sure Bellefeuille is any better but it might be worth it.

Together, they have no clue. The blind leading the blind and now the whole team is lost.

Actually I'm hoping Obie steps in and fires Gibson because I have no confidence that Marcel even wants to. K Jones should have more input into the play calling. The plays are in the book I'm sure to run a more imaginative offense

i could not believe late in the 3rd and all the 4th quarter our offence was waddling their sorry asses slowly out of the huddle wasting the clock,,,,we have the ball on the 3 yard line and it takes us 2 mins on the clock to score. (ever hear of a hurry up offence)???
we needed 4 more touchdowns and im watchin this goin out of mind..

Yeah, everyone around me including myself was wondering why they were moving so slow. Even still, a win was still possible if not for two things. 1. The last INT by Glenn when he could've just run. 2. the Serna field goal which put the Bombers at 38.

Yeah, those two fumbles by Gibson in the first quarter were brutal. :roll:

The team has significant deficiencies. One of them is the offensive playcalling. Glenn's experience and quick release enable him to overcome those deficiencies more effectively than Porter. Once Obie and Marcel address some of those deficiences, starting Porter will become a more viable option. As it stands now, starting Porter makes a bad offence worse.

Wrong. The QUINTON PORTER experiment should end. I'm sorry but there's no room left here for "nice guys" who say all the politically correct things while the team sinks. Face it Porter supporters - it's OVER. Make excuses for the guy all you want. Call him the future. But he's done nothing to warrant that title. He is no better than any of the back ups in the league. That's the hard truth. It's time to call a spade a spade.

Did you not notice that Glenn brought the team within 10 points? Take away those two gimmes that Porter coughed up and it's a different game. I'm sick of this crap!

If what Milt Stegall said is right, that Glenn told him he wants to start and a lot of players feel he should start, and now this from Bruce, it tells me that Bruce is speaking up for many guys on the team. Blame Bruce all you want. Something has stunk around here for a while now and it's not Arland Bruce and the guys are sick of it, or so it sounds.

As far as Bruce goes, he IS the offense. So, I'll cut him a little slack. MB better wake up and smell the coffee or he could have a mutiny on his hands. It's starting to come out and Bruce isn't the only one that feels this way.