Bruce Speaks out!

And so it starts.

No surprises here. We knew who he was when we brought him here.

The person who will most enjoy those Bruce quotes: Bart Andrus.

So that's why he didn't try to catch Porter's pass early in the game.

Can anyone contradict him ? He's calling it exactly the way most fans see it and he should know.

The fact of the matter is ...Bruce is right!He just should'nt have said it in the media.I wonder what the team will...
1.Just say platitudes about Bruce throwing one of the teams QB's under the bus.


2.Lay down the law on him.

They should do #2 to the fullest extent.

But no matter what he thinks, don’t you think he should keep this in the locker room?

Fans are no more a coach than Arland Bruce.

I believe that he also had a part in the Bishop/Joseph controversy in Toronto last year.

Bruce just needs to keep his mouth shut. While he is pointing the finger at our QBS, there are 3 fingers pointing back at him. He needs to look at himself in the mirror and ask if he’s played to the best of his ability, if he’s tried as hard as he could.

Bruce is a great player. I love Bruce. He does have an attitude and this is what you get from him. Bruce has showed lack of effort in games this year. We need him on his A game for us to win. Tonite, he wasn’t on his A game.

8) Team dissention will now start to rear it's ugly head !!!

I agree Bruce wants to win and when the coach keeps putting in the inferior QB that costs us games it gets frustrating and you can't really judge a player on what he says after a dissappointing loss right after the game.

Bruce won't keep the converted very long if he's going to start this crap. The last thing we need is finger pointing when its painfully obvious that the team, including Bruce, put in a very poor effort until it was too late

This from the guy who dropped what could have changed the entire outcome of this game.
What we dont know is how distructive his comments will be in the dressing room.

He dropped a pass that is caught every game is this league by average recievers.

This team has imploded and all are to blame, including the fans, and lack of them.

What this tells me is that he has the support of the rest of the young guys and that they do not believe Bellefeuille and Gibson are being fair or using good judgement. Bruce talks about urgency, he talks like a guy who wants to win. He's been doing his part.

I don't think he dropped the pass on purpose, we to big of an ego for that LOL!

Bruce talks like the player he was in Toronto that we all loved to hate. If this is what he is going to revert to, the Bruce experiment should end. I am now unconverted. I no longer begrudgingly give him his due. He isn't worth it

Yup justafan, Bruce dropped an easy one and should keep his trap shut even though I agree with what he's saying. Unless the coaches or OB wants him to say this and I doubt that. But who knows, maybe it's exactly what this team needs right now, it needs something that's for sure.

Point is the only comment he should have made is, I dropped a pass … that cost the team.
That would show he is a team player.

Maybe we need some dissension though on this team. Usually I'd say no but maybe this is what is needed.

Isn't worth it since we got rid of Davis Bruce is our only consistant reciever you get rid of him say good bye to the season You see the catch's he made last week against calgary when he knew he was gunna get rocked but he hung on!!!

Well...Go ahead and fire him then :roll: I"m sure OB will find a nice guy in an orange grove somewhere who's a great tennis player that they can convert to a receiver. Oh wait ! We've been waiting for two years for a decent rush end :roll:

....don't you all find it funny that we the fans call a spade a spade, yet when a player does it, most join the political club????
You're just embarassing. Bruce called what most in these forums have been saying for weeks, and for that I applaud him.

Time for Tough Love, and if we or the team don't like it to bad, it's time to wake up people and stop playing both sides of the fence!


I like you :thup:

Players have a right to discuss their work environment just like anyone else and there is over 20k at stake in the playoff for each guy. That’s a lot of money. Coach get’s paid the same win or lose…

I'm with you catattack. This is the direct result of bonehead decisions by our head coach. MB should say nothing to Bruce because Arland has the guts to call a spade a spade. Our rookie head coach could learn a thing or two from him. Bruce was right in Toronto (Bishop is twice the QB of Kerry Joseph) and he is right again here. You can't blame the guy for being right.
It's another clear indication the Bellefeuille's stubborness has resulted in the loss of confidence from the team.
Good Job Marcel