Is there something to this, or sour grapes.

Bruce sounds off

Globe and Mail

Montreal — Toronto Argonauts all-star receiver Arland Bruce failed yesterday to cite any hard evidence, but nevertheless accused the Canadian Football League officials of being racist and accepting bribes in order to influence the outcome of yesterday's East Division final, in which the Montreal Alouettes defeated the Argonauts 33-24.

"I don't think the referees like Pinball," Bruce said after the game, referring to Argos head coach Michael Clemons, who is black. "I think they are racists. How come there are no black referees in the CFL? They're racists."

Bruce went on to suggest that officials had been unfair to Toronto throughout the season and accused the Alouettes of paying off referees for yesterday's game, but did so without giving any specifics.

"How much did [Montreal's] coach pay the refs, that's what I want to know?" Bruce said. "Good luck to them in the Grey Cup. I hope they pay them off there, too. Make another $5,000.

"It's frustrating when you know that you didn't get dominated. They get 14 men — the crowd and the refs. . . . It's like going to the mall to buy something for $10 that should really be $3."

The globe should not have given him the time of day by printing this crap

Its sour grapes and stupidity for sure.
Saying that the most penalised team in the league pays off the refs is just stupid!


...Did Bruce get into some of Ricky W's stash....what a bunch of crap....i hope the league has a talk with him...nothing but sour grapes is right... :thdn: :roll:

Yes, I’m sure. There is certainly no history of refs siding with the Argos on controversial issues. Cough–Calgary game–Cough.

Jake Ireland, already responsible for a few Argo Grey Cups in the last decade seemed to give the Argos a gift in the 4th quarter with the pass interference call that set up a Toronto touchdown. If you look at the tape, there’s no way that was interference. That touchdown was a gift.

Bruce seemed to be in a scuffle with O’Shea. I wonder what that was about…

Nope, we must believe Bruce. Jim Popp was giving steak dinners to referees.

Don't see how this could have caused Damon to throw a gift interception to open the second half! That is when I noticed Bruce went balistic for some reason and had a confrontation with O'Shea. He also ran off to the sideline on that play right away when he should have been chasing the db who got the interception. Yeah, that article I saw about him staying with Terell Owen this past summer must have given him the same psycho nonsense in his head like T.O! :twisted:

jake ireland is racist he dropped a ocuple of slurs on the stamps players a few years back. The cfl is racist, how come they got rid of shivers and wanna fire barrett, they got rid of paopao who is non-white, even pinball still hasn't won a coach of the year award even though he won a grey cup, the cfl likes to promote their goold canadian white players like fantuz and lumsden. You hardly see any black cfl players in commercials or doing big time endorsements. The league doesn't seem to like black americans that talk with southern accents either.

Methinks Arland Bruce will be facing a pretty hefty fine by CFL standards. Perhaps something in the $100 range.

Why do they want to fire Barret? Why did Shivers get canned? Couldn't have anything to do with not hosting a home playoff game in the years they've been there.

What a joke. I can't believe people believe this filth.

who cares about a home playoff game, the white slave drivers that worked in sask before the shivers/barrett regime never got one before, and that white slave driver tillman wont get one either.

I still dont agree with Roy Shivers firing. And I DONT want Danny Barrett to resign, because I dont think Eric Tillman is gonna fire him. But with the abuse people have been showing towards Danny, alot of which is undeserving, I wouldnt be surprised to see him walk. And that would just $uck... Think about how the Roy and Danny turned this franchise around. Without them, honestly, The Roughriders might not be around today. I know some Eskimo fans who post on here would like that, but 95% of people would want them to have gone under. And they fired Roy at the most stupid time. Right after a win... I mean, come on... I know they wanted Roy to fire Danny, but you couldnt honestly see that happenning. Yes, Roy Shivers can be an asshole, but everyone is at one time or another, we all have our moments, its just most of us arent as public with our thoughts.

And I know that has nothing to do with Arland Bruce, but I was responding to Iceman, among others.

This whole concept of racism in the CFL is absolutely f**king retarded...just like iceman184. This isn't the US, it's Canada, and we do things differently here. Shivers was fired because he didn't get the job done, the Als' won because they were the better team today, Bruce's nonsense notwithstanding.

It's time for these excuses of racism being behind anything someone doesn't like to stop.

Take some pride in yourself, and who you are, and you won't need to use the racism excuse anymore.

Bruce is an idiot if he thinks the Als, the most penalized team in the league, are paying off officials.

What Really Confuises Me, Is Why Would Popp Need To Bribe The Refs If They Were Going To Call The Game Unfairly Because The Argos Have A Black Coach. Secondly I Want To Know Why Argotom Has An Article The Isn't Going To Be Published Until Tomorrows Paper.

Thirdly I'd Like To Bring Up Something That Happend On This Forum A Year Or So Ago That Really Opened Up My Eyes. That Tim Horton's Steeped Comercial Came Up And JM Was Bashing It Cause They Toke A Women And Made Her Stupid. Third Made A Comment That's Stuck With Me Since. He Said That It's About Time That Advertising Companies Don't Always Use White Males As The Stupid Person. Stupid People Come In All Sexs And Races Why Does It Always Have White Guys That Are Stupid.

Another Point About Racisim Is That The Toronto Police Department Is Forced To Hire A Curtain Percentage Of Thier Officers As Minorities. And As My Friends Dad (A Sargent In The Police Force) Will Tell You That While Its Great To Have Someone Who Can Translate For The Minorities Most Of The Time It's Difficult For Other Officers To Understand Them Because Of Their Accent. In An Emergancy Situation It Can Be Dangerous. The Fact That This Type Of Person Gets Hired Over A More Qualified White Person Just Because Of Their Race Is Rediculous.

The Solution To Racisim Is To Look At Every Person Like A Person, Not A Black Person, Or White Person, Or White Person. But Everytime Someone Comes Out And Says "Why's There No Black Refs" Or "White Slave Driver" It Seperates Whites And Blacks And Puts Us Back To A Time Where There Was Racisim, And I Mean Serious Racisim; Camp X, The Halocast, Etc. The CFL Was The League That Never Excuded Any Race From Playing. It's The League That Started The Career Of The First Great Black QB; Warren Moon. And Why Would Someone Hire A Black Person, Pay Them For 5 Years Or Whatever, And Encourage Them To Bring In Several Black Players To An Area The They Weren't Willing To Go To If They Hated Black People?

for people to think that racism doesn't exist in Canada, they need to get their head outta their, just look at this past week when kashama and estelle were harrassed by police in montreal, and metro toronto police is notorius for racial profiling, its not easy being black in canada.

What are you saying, because they are black they should be above the law. They broke the law and then expected special treatment, it had nothing to do with their colour.

Bruce is guilty of sour grapes and needs to get a life.

oh come on, how many white people get pulled over for driving with tinted windows, im a minority in canada, and i have been a victim of racism, the same goes for many of my friends and colleagues, sometimes people just wanna give you a hard time and try to disrespect you based on the colour of your skin and its annoying and its ridiculous.

Oh cry me a river...:roll:

It's nothing but an excuse for your own racism and gives you the ability to whine & complain, ignoring your own short-comings.

obviously, a white person like yourself would have no idea what your talking about, your above everyone and care about your own selfish ambitions.