bruce resigns

Arland Bruce signed a extension with the bc lions today

Ahhhh... re-signs!

Happens every year. Amazing what difference a hyphen can make.

Good for him!

At least Wally knows talent when he sees it!

And I get taken by it every time. Every. Single. Time. Even when I already knew what was meant, as in the case of Bruce.

Good news, we get another 3rd round draft pick from the Lions (Assuming he doesn't get cut before the season starts, which is highly unlikely now).

Aah yes! That hyphen is SO important!

It happens here time to time (sans hyphen "resign"), and my stomach jumps when I see a headline stating a top player has "resigned", only to find out the player has "re-signed"! :lol:

Lets hope all our FA's RE-SiGN! :thup:

Fooled me too. I thought ol' AB3 had hung it up.

I'm curious to know the details of the deal. Wonder if he took a significant pay cut.

You can bet Wally doesn't forget the miracle of the coming of the Great One Brucie is what help turn the Lions around. :wink:

I was reading on riderfans forum that he took a pay cut, not sure if it's true or just speculation. But I think at one point in career you realize at that age you HAVE lost a step, which he has, but he is still one of the better SB in the game. I would like to know how much money is tied up between their two SB who combined over 70 years old.

Having a QB like Lulay who can buy time to make plays and a top receiver like Geroy on the opposite side makes Bruce a great fit in BC. He probably has lost a step, but the situation in BC creates lots of opportunities to apply his deep knowledge of players and schemes (along with his still exceptional athletic ability) to get himself into space as plays develop or break down.

Players don't resign they retire.. so there really should not be any confusion with or without a hyphen IMO