Bruce Resigns with Argos til 2011

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Not much of a surprise. Good player, just don't know if there was enough interest out there to have him get more money.

Don’t think there was ever any doubt about Bruce being resigned. Heard Cynamon on some talk show a while ago say they were not losing anybody. That was before the Eiben signing was annouced. So I expect Dorsey and Pile are already signed and will be announced in the next few weeks.
The word is though that Mayes will be allowed to test the FA market. Not a bad player but maybe wants more than they are willing to spend for someone who rotates in the lineup. I think he will end up somewhere in the league, just needs the right fit.

Bruce is a money receiver in the CFL, if Andrus can get them back on the line with some younger talent and the qb situation figured out, you want Bruce there.

Too bad would look good in Black and Gold