Bruce plays the racism card

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"I don't think the referees like Pinball," Bruce said after the game, referring to Argos head coach Michael Clemons, who is black. "I think they are racists. How come there are no black referees in the CFL? They're racists."
"How much did [Montreal's] coach pay the refs, that's what I want to know?" Bruce said. "Good luck to them in the Grey Cup. I hope they pay them off there, too. Make another $5,000.
"It's frustrating when you know that you didn't get dominated. They get 14 men — the crowd and the refs. . . . It's like going to the mall to buy something for $10 that should really be $3."
I realize his frustrations and all, but the Als made the bigger plays today when it mattered most and blaming refs and their judgment/belief system is totally out of whack. I know you'll all agree with me when I say that it's completely uncalled for, and that he'll most definitely be fined for this.

And yes Tuck, despite putting a negative spin on this, I'm still a diehard Argo fan.

Complete garbage. Racisn is unacceptable, but using the "racism card" is just as bad.
I have no doubt that we will see a disclaimer from Pinball, disassociating himself and the team from these remarks. Pinball has always proven himself to be a character individual, and he will not want to be associated with these statements.

He's probably just upset that the refs ruined their undefeated season... lol

ya..... an ARGO complaining about the refs, now i've seen bloodywell everything.

try strappin on the black and gold gear arland and THEN see how much the refs like you.

Funny, he says they get 14 men--the crowd and the refs. I always thought there was more than one ref. Or more than one person in the crowd. I hope he's not blaming the crowd for their loss. That's why you play for home advantage.

And, as I said in another thread, the whole idea that Montreal is paying the refs is ridiculous, especially when you consider the interference penalty in the endzone that created the last Argo touchdown.
Blaming refs like Jake Ireland is unacceptable. Over the years, Ireland has been as valuable an Argo as anyone. He won them two Grey Cups in the 1990's. He won the game against Calgary earlier this year as well.

That’s good to hear, TOFan. Wouldn’t hurt if you started a positive thread once in a while about the Argos to prove it. :wink:

I thought he was a Terrell Owens fan

he's as big an argo fan as i've seen around this site.

But, there's nothing wrong with that.(Wink,wink)

of course, not that theres anything wrong with that.....

(they're all faaaaaabulous.... lol)

Interesting isn't it, how when a minority loses soemthing they feel that they should be entitled to or have won it, it is called racism.

Whereas we poor Cat fans just thought that it was bad and biased refereeing throughout the year that denied us a couple of wins with real bad calls.

In my opinion the refereeing this year was a step backwards in the quality level department after some gains last year and there are way too many questionable calls that were not able to be questioned. Such a farce.

I have the utmost respect for Pinball and most of the Argos on the whole and I am sure that Mr Bruce III will come to realize the errors of his ways quickly and regret what he said in frustration.

Cheers and onto the Grey Cup. May it be way more entertaining than 99% of the SuperBowls.

if its half as good as last year's GC......

it'll be one quarter of damn exciting football. lol.

seriously though, despite the crap OT format, it was the best non-ticat GCs i've seen.

I was at the game and the Alouettes deserved to win plain and simple. Arland, stop whining and take it like a man.

As if racism wasnt enough refs are on the take too.
This is going to be a real test for Pinball in how he handles this in regards to the "we are family" and good community citizens image the team has tried to build.
If there isnt a dramatic sort of apology or plausible explantion or spin how can the Argos bring him back next year?

Has the story come out yet why Bruce stopped dead in his tracks on the interception play and ran into the Argos bench to take on O'Shea? Not the smartest move I've seen at the best of times, but to get into O'Shea's grill?......well, O'Shea will win those confrontations every time.....he's Irish no? :wink:

Bruce should catch up on the history of the was the CFL who was miles ahead of the NFL when it came to equal opportunities...... which is why Warren Moon, Chuck Ealey and others chose to come here (unless I'm mistaken)

Now Arland Bruce is accusing Montreal of paying off the refs and will pay off the refs in the Grey Cup .....and he even set the price ($5,000)

"How much did [Montreal's] coach pay the refs, that's what I want to know," Bruce said. "Good luck to them in the Grey Cup. I hope they pay them off there, too. Make another $5,000."

Bruce should leave the job of accusing officials of being biased against certain teams to us fans!! :twisted:

He's hogging all the fun!

The story from announcers when Bruce stopped he went after Damen Allen to give him a few words and O'Shea intervened....if you can read lips told him "I don't give a care"...blah blah .
OShea was right on the mark,Bruce lost it and his comments sound wacko .
I thought he was going to call it on O'Shea when I read the title of this thread.

There is a reason that the Forbidden Website has a Hall of Fame. Jokers like this need to be recognized. Thank heaven for the sanctuary the CFL offers these disillusioned argo chumps.

Clearly Bruce was frustrated. As clearly, he was completely out of line. Accusing the officials of racism is disgusting. Accusing them of taking bribes (and the Alouettes of offering them) is as bad or worse. He should be fined a substantial amount.

Pinball Clemons is way above this crap. If he says anything in response to this outburst, fine. If he chooses not to, that's fine with me too.

By the way, I do no share the idea that the officials are biased against Hamilton at all. They are doing their job as best they can. Sometimes they get it wrong, most of the time they get it right. I'll criticize them when they do the former, and I wish they would make fewer errors, but I apreciate their work.

The league needs to take swift and hard action against Bruce. Fines and suspenion is required. The league needs to support and defend its officials. There is no foundation for Bruce's remarks.

I would like to see Bruce suspended for at least 4 games not counting exibition games.

Wonder how Lancaster would handle it? I have a fairly good idea.