Bruce pitch to Cobb

I watched them practice this play at IWS during the week and it worked quite well. Unfortunately it got messed up when Cobb got interfered with. I'm not sure why Bruce released it when Cobb was down?

Bruce got a quick glampse it seems and saw a piece of Cobb with his left arm sticking out so he pitched. You really don't have much time to think in football when defenders are baring down on you at great speeds.

Bruce was looking forward and didn't look back at Cobb until the last second. Maybe he didn't see Cobb coundn't get there in time.

He did make a heads up play to recover it though

I like the trickery overall but bad play attempt, keep practicing it.

I saw it unfolding and thought it was a great play. Of course when Cobb got taken out it didn't turn out well but if he had of got the ball he may have had a lot of open field in front of him...

Indeed, I think they should keep practicing that one and keep it on ice for a few games.