Bruce on Kick Returns

Bruce's atheleticism lends him the ability to return kicks, and instantly improves our team, great, no fan could complain about their club getting better.

Bruce does however seem reluctant to make contact on returns (when not carring the ball). On one play specifically versus BC, Bruce actually hid behind another team mate, and traveld down field allowing BC players past him that he could have full well blocked. Essentialy, he took himself out of the play.

I do support bruce fully now that he's in black and gold, just like any other Tiger-Cat (player or coach).

What I would like to see as a sign Bruce has commited to smash-mouth Hamilton football, is for him to go out there and lay a hit on someone!

Laziness doesn't win football games, and not blocking on kick returns, is just plain lazy.

Brucey is saving himself for all star type plays. :lol:

You said it.

I don't want him returning kicks anymore.

as far as returns, i go with Tre Smith for sure.......

Not playing

I hope you watched him out there tonight...
He made some huge blocks and even laid a guy out