Bruce 'MJ' Impersonation/TD Celebration

Personally I didn’t really see why he took off his pads and jersey, but laying on the ground and crossing your arms…should that really be a fineable offence?? I suppose it was in poor taste but I’ve seen worse happen without a fine.

He delayed the game, that was the main issue from my understanding, not so much the act itself. And the league needs to be consistent on this delay IMHO. Fineable.

League hasn't gotten this kind of exposure since the signing of Ricky Williams. It was picked up by ESPN, USA Today and a bunch more.

Having said that after his Spiderman stunt last year you would think he would be mindful about hurting his teammates but the guy might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Not sharp at all. I wish there were more Barry Sanders type of celebrations.

Bruce's Michael Jackson TD Celebration was a bit morbid. He coulda made it better. My suggestions:

Moonwalk followed by spin and crotch grab
Pulled out a Rhine stone glove and held the ball up with the glove on
Do the Thriller Dance

There's a bunch of stuff he coulda done that wouldn't have resulted in a fine. My favourite Bruce TD celebration is still his spiderman one he did last year.
In fact, at Grey Cup last year I wore my Argos jersey and my spiderman mask to Tigertown at Grey Cup.....just to angerTiger-Cat fans. Oh it worked!

[url=] ... spider.jpg[/url]