Bruce -Lack of passes his way

I'm guessing Arland Bruce was being double covered all game but it was hard to tell from the TV coverage. Despite that, does anyone else think that we are not getting the ball to our best receiver enough.... Seems to me that the guy catches everything near him. I'd like to see him get more involved in the game. Your thoughts?????? :rockin:

He was doubled most of the game, so no we don't need to get him the ball more if he's drawing double teams.

Reminds me of my first year in senior football in high school. I was a very secondary receiver, average speed and we had a legitimate 10.9 100 metre man on our team as another receiver who was very fast (didn't have my guts though). First game he was doubled covered, tripled and I was left wide open and I caught 2 td passes and he caught nothing. After that, teams didn't ignore me.

Fair enough, but how come other teams are able to get their Number 1 receivers open all the time? Just asking because I think it's a shame to have a guy like this that we don't capitalize on as much as we should.

Take the win tc, unless you're watching game film in and out, none of us really know the insides and out of defensive coverages.

Bruce had big numbers this year. Not sure what you’re talking about.

Yes, when he gets extra attention, you throw elsewhere, but he is making plays. How else do you explain his numbers? And he did get Hamilton’s only TD pass today too.

Maybe it's because Bruce doesn't run a complete passing tree LMAO!! I hope Kelly enjoyed NOT being concerned about anyone but Cobb.

Having AB double teamed opened up the game for McDaniel. I'm not worried.

Look at BC, for most of the year they havent been able to get Simon the ball. Bruce still caught his share of balls and had a td which is impressive considering he was doubled a lot. And on the deep ball to McDaniels he was wide open because the safety chose to held double Bruce over the middle. That's how you get teams to stop doubling up on him by making them pay for it.

Bang on BG.. could not have said it better!!

Bruce is third in the league according to these stats. Not suer how up to date they are

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Yea Drex that was the perfect example of Bruce's contribution whether he's catching the ball or not. I realize that his presence is opening up room for McDaniels, Stala and company. I think with the success of McDaniels, teams are going to have to shift their focus on McDaniels. I wish Prechae was a greater threat. he did not look all that great in that throw into the endzone today.... The combination of McDaniels and P-rod should open Bruce up in the future... I hope so because I love watching that guy once he gets the ball. his spin move on a reception today picked him up 4-5 more valuable yards...

I chalked that one up to a poor throw. Prechae was behind the defender, but Glenn made a bad throw. Too low and too short.

Man oh man you don’t have to catch the ball every game to be Good or effective …How about spreading Defenses and Blocking jeeezuz people lack of passes to him opens up crap load of other options hes used primarily as a threat period you have to account for him every play no questions asked so when you say lack of passes could Equal hes running big deep routes , crossing routes and opening up all the under because of it …More to a WR then catching …Look at the guys number’s they speak for them self and he was out 2 game or 3 ? …lol im so excited right now … Big Game team . AB3 will see more action now then ever … Deep threat throat cutting drives are Huge in the playoffs… And Arland and Glen are fully capable of those Big Plays …

So do you think its a good idea to sit him for the playoff game??

Final receiving stats:

STAMPS,. 1402 yards 8 TDs
WATKINS, 1243 yards 8 TDs
BRUCE, ... 1242 yards 10 TDs

Only Copeland had more TDs (12) and only Cahoon had more recpetions (89, Bruce had 88)

CaptK, Yea that's amazing the stats say it all don't they? I guess he gets the ball more than I realize. I know they go to him in the red zone and he delivers. Bruce has been a real asset to this team in so many ways.

Yeah, me too. I was quite amazed.

You can't expect him to get 10 catches a game for 100 yards. This is just football. Your #1 receiver is not always your leading receiver week in, week out. He sees double teams and a safety rolling over to him more than not. He just has to work harder to get open and the OC has to design "special" plays to get Bruce the ball. ie receiver screens, reverses, rubs, clearout routes, etc.

Yea I noticed a few plays yesterday geared to getting the ball to Bruce. I think the more the Cats go to McDaniels the more Bruce will get open... If P-Rod can get back to his old self, Stala can keep playing as well as he has, and Cobb coming out of the backfield, there is no stopping these guys

100% correct. We get those 4 out there as receivers and throw in a Bauman, Grant, etc as a 5th receiver or get them into a rotation, we are going to be threats week in, week out.

It's going to be an interesting off season just to see who we add to this team and also who we draft.