Bruce is out, Simon here for another year!

I don't know about you guys but Bruce for me was one of my favourite players to watch. The talk is that he was released because there are younger guys with more talent. I can't argue with the talent thing. There are several guys, much younger who have proven themselves. But...let's be fair. If Bruce is "old" why did they keep Simon who has two years on Bruce? In my opinion if you needed to let someone go it ought to have been Simon. Simon has had front and centre stage for quite some time and deservedly so but it is time for him to move on. I'm not knocking Simon but in my opinion Bruce still has more gas in the tank.

I hope Simon proves me wrong and is able to do a lot for the team in 2013. I know Bruce could have. And to think my first purchase on season opener night was going to be a Bruce jersey! Thank you Lions. You saved me $200!

I believe a big factor in Simon staying is the PR situation. The Lions would surely love Simon to retire as a Lion but Simon isn't quite ready to hang-it-up yet. Circumstances out of training camp may force the situation - we shall see.

The arrival of Courtney Taylor allowed the Lions to cut Bruce and his contract loose as Taylor will be stepping right in as an All star calibre player. If not for Taylor I do not think the Lions would have felt as confident in the receiving corp without Bruce.
Im sure they will feel even more confident if Gore is back next season but if not having NI receivers Ianuzzi and Foster are very capable to be in the starting line up. A 3rd reserve NI reciever would then be keith Godding who spent the season grooming on the Practice roster.
Bruce can still be valuable to a team playing the same role he did with BC in 2011 for a team looking to solidify its receivers to make a run to the Grey Cup this time would most likely come with a series salary cut with Bruce looking to be go out as a Champion squeezing one more season in.
Parker will land on a team that needs to solidify its DBs Unit. SASK, MON, and HAM most likely will be a destination.

Totally agree Beagle, in my opinion Simon showed his age last year, I even think he hurt the team, where Bruce still has some gas in the tank.

Wow! So Arland inks a 3 year deal with the Alouettes. How cool is that for the guy? Good for him. Glad to see that the team's coaching staff and GM have faith in the guy.

I will never understand why Wally cut him. I know what his official explanation was but I don't agree with it. Bruce did nothing but a whole lot of good for the Lions after arriving in B.C. He was instrumental in getting the Lions out that 0-5 hole the Lions were in back in 2011 and his play was top notch ever since.

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And now it looks like Geroy is trade-bait after failing to come to terms on a contract extension with Wally. Not surprising given that Geroy probably isn't willing to compromise on salary to stay in BC through retirement.

Exactly, although it was reported that he was prepared to make changes to his contract. What those considerations were I've no idea. As far as letting Arland go is concerned I think Wally and company are going to live to regret it. Arland may be 35 but isn't it interesting how the Alouettes are so confident in the guy that they signed him up for not a year but 3 years? That speaks volumes to me. Before Arland got his concussion 2/3 through the season he was playing some of his best football. [in my opinion of course]. Simon from what I was seeing was slowing down while Arland seemed to be getting better with each game. Arland has a work ethic that is tops and with that work ethic is his athleticism. So what are the Lions facing so far?

  1. They've let go of a premier receiver that has done nothing but great things for the club. They did this for financial reasons apparently.
  2. Gore is trying out for the NFL. If he gets something then the Lions have lost a great receiver. If he doesn't make it he'll be back.
  3. Simon's future with the Lions is up in the air at this time. As far as I'm concerned even if Simon stays it will not exactly be a huge improvement.

The Lions do have Lulay through 2015 but will likely be losing Reilly [if not to the NFL Jaguars this year] to Ottawa in 2014. So far the Lions defence remains the best in the league but they still need an offence that can put points up on the board. Depth in the receiving corp is starting to dwindle.

Getting rid of both SIMON and BRUCE was a good decision. Bruce was productive but he is 35 and had a serious concussion. Plus we have younger better CHEAPER receivers to replace them.

SIMON left BC for SASK which is not a shock, Wally prob offered him 50% of his salary so around 90k or so, and Mr. EGO SIMON probably is just padding his bank account at 38, as he knows when he hits the working world he has no prospects that will pay him his CFL salary-

Would a person in SIMONS position really leave his family behind and rent a basement suite in REGINA and eat cheap Pasta and cheap food with a few roomates just to get his REGULAR salary. Prob a 70 to 80k difference in salary but he chose to go to SASK proves what I have been saying all along--

paris JACKSON stayed in VAN and took the FAIR reduced SALARY but MR. SIMON feels he is ENTITLED to huge money--

SASK has overpaid for SIMON- he will hurt his hamstring again and will be basically like JERMAINE COPELAND was at the end of his career, which was really slow and not effective.

Simon cannot beat any CFL dbs anymore, he has no speed and terrible hands now--

I am glad WALLY realized this, as it was so obvious that SIMON hurts any CFL team now-


I know you've had issues with Simon for quite awhile so I'll not dispute your sentiments about the guy but I would not agree with you about Bruce. Yes, he had a concussion but he was also good enough to play in the Western Final against Calgary and he looked healthy. Simon was playing better when he was 35 than now and I cannot see why Bruce cannot still be at the top of his game...even at 35, 36, and 37. The Als certainly think the guy has a lot left in him. They signed him to a 3 year contract. Since coming to BC, Arland has showed brilliant play and was instrumental in turning the Lions fortunes around in 2011. He continued to perform well in 2012 making clutch catch after clutch catch. His work ethic is second to none and he was a respected team leader. I think it was a mistake to release Arland Bruce. He was money in the bank as far as I'm concerned.

You are right about some of the younger player/receivers coming up but that can also be problematic. Gore is an example. He is trying his luck in the NFL. If he succeeds we've lost him. He may be turned down if he hasn't got what it takes and be back with the Lions but other young receivers may try the same thing. At least we know Bruce would have stayed with the Lions.