I just heard the report on TSN how Bruce has been "suspended" for Friday's game due to the accumulation of many problems.
Here is the report from Dave Naylor of the Globe.

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Wow. This is crazy. And despite this, they still said no to Armstrong? Who's going to line up at receiver this week, a mop and a bucket?

It now appears the team may be in disaray or at least this move was made to avoid same.
If so, I credit Andrus as the inmates are not running the asylum.

I think it is the latter.
There are a lot of ways to respond to being deactivated, taking a cheap shot at Joseph isn't the way.
That response tells me all I need to know.

Looks like the dressing room was divided.

There has been problems in that organisation for some time now. Andrus has given these guys the benefit of the doubt. Can you imagine if Mike Kelly was in Toronto !

He wouldn't have to travel as far to spy on you guys. And no matter how bad he'd do, he'd have the undying support of Michael Landsberg and TSN

Yeah I saw that last night. Landsberg had both Kock knocker (Kelly) and Kock grabber (Belli) on the show.

One to suk, one to knock and one to hold....That's entertainment on TSN LOL!

...are you guys gonna show up with any receivers for the game in the Peg....whoah...didn't see this one coming....pretty much pulled an Armstrong did ol Bruce....He should get his walking papers next week ala Derick in Wpg.....What's with these guys...???? :roll:

My question is what happen to Jerome Mathis?

Argos should give a call to the little "crim" you guys had at camp. LOL !


You know, I really like the argo's head coach. I hope your GM has found some gems that are sitting on the PR. I like how he runs his team .. I like how he put belli right in his place. Belli seems to of calmed down, but I think other teams would be willing to work with belli's aggression on the Field and his clam nature off the Field. A.B is just an all around ignorant pest. Argo's will find another stud WR. Perhaps MTL can stop hogging all the good WR's ha ha. Any-shoe, I'm bred to hate the argo's but I'm hoping you can get the W this week!:slight_smile: oskie wee wee :slight_smile:

The TiCats have a better chance of challenging the Als0 in the east for supremacy because the Argos don't have a clue about their team and Andrus seems to be the only sane person in their front office, right now I doubt the Argos will win any more than 2 more games this season, honestly, the Argos are a complete joke and you can quote me on this.

Just finished listening/watching TSN sports centre. Argos are talking to the Ti-Cats about Bruce. Is it possible talks are ongoing for Bruce landing in Hamilton? :expressionless: Othersites are posting the info at the same time I was.

Earl?.. is that you...... wow

Well surprise surprise, Bruce now wants to return to the Argos.
But, will they take him back?
I wouldn't.

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Ok Halfthedistance, I probably had a few pops in me when I said that but the Argos still have a bunch of issues although their defence might end up being a lot better than I thought and if they can get this Bruce situation under control, they’ll be pretty good at the end of it all.

Yes Argotom, I read that article last night also. It seemed kind of one sided I thought? But perhaps Dave Naylor had something else to go on? I was kind of hoping Arland might join Bish in the Peg .

They must be worrying about how humbling it could be if Bishop lights it up and blows them away, I am praying for such a thing. In fact I will go out on a limb and predict...not only will Bish start, but he will throw for over 400 yards with 3 tds, 1 int and 2 rushing tds. The score will be 51-13 for Bombers....Bish will win offensive player of the week award

But back to Arland.... Adam Rita is the only adult on board, I suspect Adam wants Arland to stay. Adam is a great guy, he took my phone call last year and we chatted about the QB controversy. I told him how wrong I thought it was how Bishop was treated, I got the sense he agreed with me, he said he had no control over the situation. If you call on a Saturday morning, nobody is on the switch board, and you just punch in any name you like.

....geez, i wished i had your optimism paul..... :thup: :rockin: :lol: